Tekken TEJ Tournament matches

Hi :)

There was recently a tourney in Poland, where (luckily :D) I won third place. :) Here's the link for photos and match movies:

The last movie shows my fight with Punisher. Commentaries and criticisms are welcome!

dzieki za skopanie Punishera, za ten finał w Szczecinie:D

He's Steve was weak,he's Bryan was much stronger as I remember,dont u think?. U began to use ff+1+2, is it better than :kiss: ? on backroll?

[ Do u remember my old juggle:df+2,b+1,f+1,b+1,f+1,f+1 pp+4? I did it at last [Marduk and Xiao eaten it :D , ^_^]

Heh... Personally I like Punisher, nice guy. Just he can't play versus Yoshi with Steve, and Robson taught me well this character...

You know, Robson is imba. :) But losing all the time makes me learn how to win.

Well, f,f+1+2 is nice looking mixup tool. It's not better than Kamikaze... But currently, due to lack of any trainings, I lost the ability to see a backroll. Earlier, I was focused on sharpening my reflexes. Now I'm more predicting and so sometimes I don't guess right.

I have to return to the reflex trainings.

f,f+1+2 puts more confusion into a fight. You can pay for it badly, but usually you'll be fine. You have to get a feeling, and you can do this only by practicing. Tha's why I'm currently abusing this move in any situation, experimenting.... to see where and when it's best to use it.

OK, end of article :P

I like Punisher too , when he was at my city we ware talking about how his life goes and he told me that he was born in Brzesko naxt to Zgorzelec city, and my friend's mummy was teachig him a music at primary scool :D .

Yesturday I discovered : ch b+1 gaves +12 frames so QCB+1+2is guaranted ^_^ ["Konami Boys" should gave +13 and welcome to juggles D:D:D]

Hey what "imba." means? O_o

yme :Hey what "imba." means? O_o
Imballanced (chyba :P ).
Ja bym powiedział po prostu, że jest przegięty ;)

nie, to słowo tyczy sie Rob.. więc nie może być imbalansed:D