Alternatives for writing Manji?

Hey there, fellow Manjis!
I have a question to ask you: I am a regular at a very local tournament in a gaming bar, all is great. Some time ago, there came a new regular who also mains Yoshi, and just yesterday I had the idea to create Manji Clan T-Shirts for us, since he sees me as his mentor and it's all nice and stuff. Problem is this: Manji is written with the Swastika, and we live in Germany. I know we are not prmonoting Nazis and all, but I assume if I was to go to the bar in a shirt that featured the Swastika anywhere at all, I would get a load of bad looks. So, I did some research and found this
"The swastika is a religious symbol in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. In Japanese language it can be written as 万字, 卍字, 卍 or 卐. In Buddhism, swastika could represent infinity; as a matter of fact the word manji (or wànzì in Mandarin Chinese) literally means "10,000 character", and figuratively "totality character" or "eternity character". " ( ) and I was wondering if there was any warping of the meaning if I used 万字 instead of the Swastika on the shirt?

Hmm... I don't know about the Japanese writing of the word, but since this is "infinity" we are talking about, have you considered adding " ∞ " on the shirt too? xD

Hey there!

I understand your hesitation to wear a shirt that has 卍 on it. It's really too bad; it really is a beautiful symbol. It's a shame it's been corrupted by the Nazis. I'm Native American (Navajo), and it's actually a symbol that we used to use a lot in our art!

Anyway, if you have other Japanese test with it, I don't think it would really be a problem, but I don't live in Germany, so I'm not familiar with just how serious it could be taken there.

As for 万字, don't worry about any warping of the meaning. The first symbol is pronounced "man" and it usually means "10,000." The second symbol is pronounced "ji" and, alone, can mean "word." So 万字 is literally just a phoenetic way to write "manji." It doesn't really have any meaning on its own.