Jihad's Combo Emporium and FAQ

Fellow Yoshi player Jihad asked me to upload some of his notes on combos, wall combos, guaranteed strings and general setups. So, here you go:


Yoshi can be played in many different ways, you can be mixup heavy and abuse your opponent’s lack of knowledge with all of his stances, you can be poke heavy pestering your opponent with the df1 d4 meta (Bronson Tran’s Yoshi), you can be very turtley and play a hit and run style as Yoshi has good evasion or you can be very defensive, only resorting to the occasional pokes here and there and solely relying on whiff/block punishment. Find the style that suits you best or make your own with a combination of them all or some of the aforementioned.


1SS Combos

CH combos

NSS Combos

Mini Combos

Wall combos

Miscellaneous Tips

The Jihad Bible [Top Notable Yoshi Moves]


Wall game

NSS Properties

Stance transitions

Stances Breakdown (assume it’s 1SS unless stated otherwise)

Keep an eye out for further additions/editions as new tech is added.

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