The blood ring comics

Well... ehmm... 13.955 - Then i lost track...

Numbers makes me confused! :(

Btw, Koga' - Go look at that character creation-stuff, aight!?
- I'm all done! :P

Darn, that story i so high quality, I can't wait for page 86. That surprise ant the end of p.85 was quite shocking in fact, I like it:) You end the pages like a chapter in a crime book- not too many answers, many questions. GREAT job.
BTW- if you all think Bryan is one of the biggest psychos, than look at Yamazaki from KOF-compared to him, Bryan is a normal school-boy:D

Am I the only one who thinks Bryan actually behaves more like a mis-treated, beaten-up dog than a psycho?

Back when I was a kid, there used to live an old dog around here, near where I live, whose owner(s?) was a drunken, indifferent moron who hardly fed the dog, not to mention let him come inside the house, let it rain or shine. The dog barked at everyone who walked past the house. Had he not been in a leash, he would've attacked. If someone went close, the dog would bite. But when the owner came close, the dog whined and tried to escape with his tail in between his back legs. :(

The poor dog... haven't heard of him for about ten years or so, now. But the description fits, doesn't it?

Apart from returning with a minigun..? :D
Well; Bryan needs a virus scan! Thats what he needs!

Just came to think; For how long have you drawn, Koga'?

I began 9:30 this morning, and it's 17:29 now... :dozingoff
I guess you didn't mean that, now did you? :)

I think I began this "career" back when I was on the 3rd grade at school. I was... I dunno, about ten or so. I doodled in my notebooks and my teacher noted my "skill". I've had 10 / A+ in art as a grade as long as I can remember.

But hey, it's a small town I'm living in. Any better-than-ye-average-dawg get better grades easily. :D

Hey Koga, when I mentioned that psycho part, I used the first description that came to my mind. I partly agree with you about Bryan, and your fanfic makes me think about him too.Lets just say that he isn't quite normal( that may be because of the way his live turned on him, or something else-whatever). That story about the dog IS sad, BTW.
And mentioning the psycho part, Yamazakis live also turned on him (there is a KOF plot faq on the KOF 98 section on gamefaqs, if you want to know how), so we can say that there are no psychos, only people that had an unlucky live. I mentioned Yamazaki so that some could see that Bryan is hardly "psycho" as they say(at least compared to him). Peace!

Haha - you guessed right!

Bwaa... I used to draw stick fights back then. (And I still do! xD) What a thrill that was. I never really got good at drawing humans though. :dontgetit

But, anyways. I think they're right in givin' you high grades. 'Cause you DO good drawings, thats for sure! So you pretty much deserve it, if you ask me. :D

*Lies back and tries to get my head straight from the drinking yesterday - ?hickup!? *

Pages 86 and 87 uploaded. Now I'm running to my math class...:blush

Shark attack it all the way!

Emm... Koga? Don't you think Bryan should recognize the old-known person in Yoshi just as the comic action started? (In the hotel)? ... This is quite... illogical...

At least he should in a second recall that event. It happened not so long ago.

I think Bryan needs more than "just a face" to remember past events that he has forgotten. He didn't remeber Lei by his face, now did he? But after they had fought (which I guess they did a lot in the past,too...), it all came clear to him. Bryan's interest was mainly in Kogamitsu when he was in the hotel, but after he went through the same... hmm, what to call it... "emotional traces" when seeing Yoshimitsu seriously wounded (like he saw 20 years ago), he once again regained one memory.

Or something. I woke up 5 minutes ago, so I ain't surprised if I'm not making any sense.

OK... I understand, quite good explanation. But he should also recall him being at that hotel.

BTW, your story starts to be REALLY interesting... I like how you described Yoshi in the eyes of young Bryan. It rulez!

Heh, thanks. Glad you like it. For a while there, I was feeling very uneasy about the script of the Blood Ring, but I'm relieved to see it has been liked so far. :)

I'm hunting for good coloring pencils, because I've found out I'm not very good at shading, either. I get the lineart done OK, but shading... well, it's dull. If I happen to come across decent pencils, you get to see the comic in color! :D

I have to slow down the pace I've been working. I've begun taking driving lessons for a car and a truck since last Monday, and I'm already having my first, actual driving lessons tomorrow! Waaaaaaaa! :con

I sure do hope I haven't taken the miles behind my back with motorcycle for nothing...

Haha... there are great Polish pencils from the company: Alligator. Doubt if they are in Finland, though.... this company is VERY regional and the pencils are hard to get...

You reminded me... I have to go and get them! :D A couple of packs, for the future...

Avoid those drawing close to the "pencil-style". They should leave a good, visible mark...

Page 88 up, and I'm working on page 89. With some luck, it'll be done by tomorrow. :)

Oh my friggin' wickedness, I completely blew the page 88! I'll upload the corrected page ASAP. :cry

Phew. Done. Mistake corrected... ^_^;

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