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Allow me to rephrase my words:

I believe I was too strict. I didn't mean to say that Bryan and Yoshimitsu are identical. I could never imagine Yoshimitsu beating his opponent after KO, nor him enjoying someone else's pain, which - like you said - Bryan obviously does. But they do share a few traits, such as both being mechanized and a certain respect of opponent (have you ever seen Bryan mocking his opponent, eh? He laughs, alright - but so does Yoshimitsu. Hwoarang, for example, sits down onto his opponent, Asuka and Xiaoyu act very disrespectfully and even Julia mocks ["You're not ready to face me."]. Bryan beating up the KO'ed opponent isn't necessarily disrespect. Back when I was a kid playing T3, even after defeating the opponent I kept smashing the punch buttons until the replay-scene, just kind of "make sure" I won. Perhaps he holds the same thought?)

Another trait they share is that they stop at nothing to gain their goals. Yoshimitsu would smash himself through concrete walls to gain what he wants. Bryan would, too, with the difference that he may grab the nearest person and smash him/her through the wall if needbe.

Yoshimitsu indeed lends a helping hand to others whereas Bryan doesn't, unless he gains advantage of the situation. Yoshimitsu has his code of honor and Bryan hasn't. But when speaking of such things, one must remember that they come from two different cultures. Yoshimitsu may have lived his whole life in a ninja village, whereas Bryan comes from the NYC slum area (judging from his dialect, that is. I may be wrong.). Yoshimitsu was taught the code when he was a kid. When Bryan was a kid and was told about "code of honor", he might have asked; "What's that? Can I eat it?"

I apologize if my point of view has disturbed someone, but I'm not changing The Blood Ring's storyline to please anyone but myself, no matter how selfish it might sound. I'm forcing no one to read it, anyway. And I declare it R-rated as well, just to keep my miserable hide safe from the parental advisory bullsh*t.

Peace and a Happy New Year
~ Koga

Oh, and do not think I completely side up with Fury. See my avatar? That's a common joke in Finland. When someone has a stupid expression on his face, it is usually said that "even he/she is interested", even though it means the complete opposite.

Who said I'm going to force you to change the storyline ^^. I'm just defending my point of view.

Just like Kuni and Yoshi, Namco tries to make out of Bryan and Yoshi a pair of opposites. Eternal rivals or something like that. They are mechanized but Bryan isn't "alive": he's a cyborg. He was made out of true Bryan's corpse. And probably you know who was Bryan in the past?...

Anyway. :)

Tenshimitsu : ...Bryan isn't "alive": he's a cyborg. He was made out of true Bryan's corpse.
Say, ever seen Robocop? Another story of a cyborg; half man and half machine. I do not claim that I would know anything. On the contrary: I know nothing. All I have is my ideas. Alike Robocop's story, I believe whatever memories, personalities and such Bryan had before his death, they still continue to exist in him. Thus I believe it's about the same mechanization as Yoshimitsu has, with the difference that Yoshimitsu propably doesn't have a memory of getting killed (unless the Yoshimitsu-sword delivers the Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu's soul from the leader to the next, thus messing up the memories of the current carrier. But that has nothing to do with this.)

They're not the same just because they were mechanized by different scientists. :p Anyway, I don't really care that much, I think you get me wrong. Don't get nervous. :) We have our point of view and it seems we won't change it, and that's all.

A minor update. Sorry for the sh*tty quality, I don't own a scanner so I had to use my bro's digital camera.

Very nice! I am curious about Yoshi's father, hehe. Who was his mother, then? :)

Interesting, can't wait for next parts. :)

Uploaded another character sheet, presenting yojimbo Hebime.

Don't know if he'll ever appear in the comic, though... look at him and you'll certainly know why. It was just another idea that popped up in the middle of biology class.

Yoshi and Bryan... combined?!
Looks that way to me, very cool.
Just give him a katana to match the name and he'll look even better (in reference to the FFX aeon, Yojimbo). :)

Don't forget the dog! :D

Ya. Do not forget Daigoro

or Kogoro if you are a FFX fan n.n

huh! Nice suit, Koga. :) "Hebi" reminds me 'snake'... ^^

Tenshimitsu : huh! Nice suit, Koga. :) "Hebi" reminds me 'snake'... ^^
Hebime = Snake Eye

Are you sure the reading is just like you said? There are two types of reading ... In names, the short one is used (it's called "On-reading" and "kun-reading"). For example, normally the sign "mitsu" from "Yoshimitsu", as a single sign, is read "hikari".

I think "Hebi" is read as "Hebi" only if the sign is individual. Hope I'm clear.

Page 51 up. As to celebrate the 50th page done, I'mma keep a little break...

(BTW, Tenshi, I'm running out of disc space. 97% used, there's room for about one more page.)
Tenshimitsu : ohhhh, OK :) I'm tweaking it right now :)
Ooooo.... that was one h*lluva big tweaking :D
Thank you so much!

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ohhhh, OK :) I'm tweaking it right now :)