The blood ring comics

Two pages uploaded. Please forgive the recent messy quality, I don't have a scanner so I have to do all the scanning at school, and the only scanner I may use is not the best possible.

My drawing skill is neither, no less! :D

Kay. Will look into it.

One page uploaded. I think I managed to improve the quality a bit... well, it's slightly bigger in size and I can read the text, so I guess it's adequate. :)

Comic temporarily unavailable, I'm putting it in order and making it available for members.

Rearranging done.

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Kay. Gotcha

Hmm, interesting :) I'm wondering if the Manji ninja is Yoshimitsu. Probably not, short hair, no scars... Where did you hide the character sheets, Koga? :D

Yay, sorry. Uploading 'em immediately. :)

Uploaded 'em. Now continuing the thorough cleanup of my room... :D

Happy holidays to all ppl here. I uploaded the last page of The Blood Ring during this year, page 30 and forward will arrive shortly after New Year.

May this be my x-mas present for ya!

Little trivia, by the way:
The Manji ninja, Yonasu, has actually a Finnish name! If you look at the kanjis on his character sheet, you see that they form Yu-oo-na-su - which, when pronounced correctly, forms Yoona(h)s... but we Finns write it "Joonas", which is a real Finnish name.

Logical. Yonasu is based on a friend of mine... :D

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Haha, Bryan got himself into troubles. :D I'm waiting for next parts of a comics!

Next update to comic will arrive in the beginning of January, when I get back to school. The update will be massive; I'm working on the page 38 at the moment. I don't know what you'll think of the how the events turn out, and I have a bad feeling about it... I'm still gonna upload the whole comic, even if people don't like it. :D

huh? :d now it sounds interesting! ^^

I will be mad only if Yoshimitsu gets killed so don't worry ^^ I wonder what your plans are... a little romance between Bryan and Koga? ^^

S?? sitten tykk??t leikki? ajatustenlukijaa, vai mit?? :D

PM me if you really want to know what that means... it's nothing offensive, I swear, it's a spoiler... :blush

And, well, the bad feeling about your reaction is not only because of the storyline, but because I'm afraid my vision of Yoshimitsu differs quite much from yours. Rautanyrkki's Yoshimitsu was extremely mild version of what I think he truly is. You might now understand why I think Yoshimitsu and Bryan are very alike. When two people are too much alike each other, they cannot get along.

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Just found out our library had bought a scanner. Tried it out. Quality works like Mokujin but I think it'll do... pages 30 - 39 uploaded.

Is that what you meant by "Yoshimitsu not exactly in my type"? Disobedience must be punished! I totally support him. Otherwise, how anybody imagine Yoshi ruling the Manji clan? The Manjitou isn't a nice groupie, it's a band of outlaws whom Yoshimitsu showed a right way. He took them from shadows and gave a purpose, the aim to fulfill. But still, they're brutes, they must be controlled. Of course not everyone, but most of them. (just read his Tekken 2 story)

Still, I don't think Bryan and Yoshi are alike. :) Yoshimitsu has a code of honour, Bryan doesn't have any. Bryan isn't altruistic. He likes loneliness, he doesn't like ANYBODY. He's mean, malicious, cruel. (look at his animations! With Lei: "such a supercop you are!" He loves seeing PAIN, causing pain, he's even sadistic! Look at his ending animations after battle! Do you think Yoshi would beat his opponents even after K.O.? ) Yoshimitsu is easy-going, helping anybody (he even helped Xiaoyu! Would Bryan even care about her???), devoted to his aim, he's old-fashioned but his heart is warm.

No, they're DEFINITELY not similar... The discipline in the Manjitou is strictly another story.

A silent voice inside me tells me to shut up. I ain't gonna listen. :D

1) Yoshimitsu saved Bryan because Boskonovitch requested ("I'm certain you are wondering why. It's bevause we need your cooperation). If Bryan knew he needed help from Yoshimitsu, he'd keep damn sure nothing ain't gonna happen to him. Yoshi may have (and propably did) thought about Bryan's well-being while saving him, which Bryan certainly wouldn't be bothered with, but it was the advantage that was the main idea.

2) Aye, Bryan likes solitary - so do I. That doesn't mean I hate everyone. I like my friends, but I like to keep distance, too. If I'd see them every day (except school, 'course) I'd go nuts. Besides, what's with Bryan's TTT animation with Bruce, then?

3) Okay, Yoshi is more helpful fellow than Bryan. Doesn't that come with the occupation?

Now I better shut up before someone really throws a moonsault slayer at me...

PS. You think Bryan's sadistic? You should see me during our Judo-matches! LOL :D

Well, I'm not talking about your similarity to Bryan. :) I'm talking about the lack of similarity between Yoshi and Bryan. I gave enough arguments, both in PM and here. Should I put them together? :)