The blood ring comics

MANJI YOSHIMITSU : Your comics are very interesting :) but i did not read them from the start i'm thinking about that but how much time it well take because i hate long reading:p and is the story connected :con
Shouldn't take too long. 200 pages isn't much reading-wise, when talking about comics. The comic takes place directly after Tekken 5, and has nothing to do - and never will have - with Tekken 6. So it's not a stand-alone story.
I've been keeping a pause due to personal businesses, but I'm getting things rolling back now and getting re-inspired in drawing. I just moved out from my home and began studying in a new city, but stuff are getting back on their tracks now and I can start again with my projects. Yay ^_^

Also, I have a new dumbuter :) Maybe I can begin using it more for my drawings.

PS. Page 207 to 210 up.

EDIT 03/2009
Mega bump. Page 211 up.

Yeaaah :) Going to Gallery immediately :D

Page 213 up.

Nevermind the "poem" on the page, it's translated verse of a song that inspired the scene to begin with.

If anyone's that interested, the song is "Ei Enkeleitä" ("No Angels") by Viikate.