The blood ring comics

I'm not home at the moment, I've been living at my boyfriend's house for the past 4 months but I'll be returning home in a few weeks. Then I have an access to my computer and scanner, which are in a lot more decent state than my boyfriend's (sorry Kaz :blush)

And unless I get some new hardware, there's very little I can do to enhance the Blood Ring by computer. However, I've thought of getting a tablet, so I could actually draw only sketches by hand and scan them, then draw the real thing with the tablet. Maybe even color them, who knows. Gotta start saving money :p

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I don't like working on pictures with my current computer. It's sh*t. :(

Pages 190 and 191 up

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Yay I like the new pages and I can't wait for more^^

Well... I know something about... sh*tty scanners...
Working with tablet is hard. But maybe only for me and my thablet that is more sh*tty than dad's scanner... -_-

Very nice!

I like Yoshimitsu's quotes very much. It's clear that he's full of experience and wisdom. :) Hmm, I'm curious about their final fight, if they are really meant to fight themselves eventually...

Oh, they'll fight alright. :)

Pages 192 - 195 up. I apologize the poor quality that might go on for a moment, I came down with a nasty flu and it hinders my skill quite a lot... :(

Also, uploaded a pic of my tools of trade, since someone briefly asked it at some point... not here though, but should someone be curious enough... :)

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I love the new page ^^

Umm... It's been a while since you last uploaded a Blood Ring page. I'd like to know what happens next. -_-...

The latest page was funny, I LOL at how Yoshi threw a draw at Heihachi, only when K.O just fell and squashed his guards. Haha!:p

Page 196 up, sorry for the delay.

I can't wait more. I love the frist pic in new page ^_^

Thanks, Sakujo ^_^

Page 197 up. Oooh, countdown to 200! :D

w00t cool stuff!


Page 199 up. Sheesh, I've gotta create a new folder.

...never thought I'd get this far. :dozingoff

Yay for 200 pages! Keep it up ^^

Pages up to 206 uploaded! :)

I totally love drawings on new pages! Keep it up! =)

Your comics are very interesting :) but i did not read them from the start i'm thinking about that but how much time it well take because i hate long reading:p and is the story connected :con