The blood ring comics

Koga, just a question.

What is the big Chicken about on page 180?:con

I'm still intrested in you tutroials, can't wait to see what you do next.

Page 182 up.

As for the big fat chicken, I found it homeless and lost on the street and decided to take it with me and give it a home on the low right corner of the page.

What was I suppose'ta do, leave it there?

ok fair enougth I guess.:D

By the way nice job on the latest page

Believe it or not guys, page 183 is up.

And it's good stuff! W00t!


Pages up to 186 up.

w00t! Good stuff, as always :D


And another page.

Great work Koga.:yes

I started reading your comics from the start a few weeks ago, and if work doesn't hold me back I can catch up.:D

Oooh, always delighted to get new readers. :) For your enjoyment, page 188 up.

Not very original idea of a security trap, but hey, my brain's knackered. :(

Is Bryan going to help Yoshi out or not?

Great stuff Koga as usual, you never let your readers down :)

Fastlegs of Fury : Is Bryan going to help Yoshi out or not?

Well it seems he'd want to, or unless he'll to get caught in a trap himself. I don't think he'd want to be trapped on his own, not without some guards to beat up anyway.:p

We just have to wait and see what happens.:)

Hehe, I see that you were inspired by Metal Gear solid and Resident Evil. :) Good job!!! I love these series, especially MGS.

Hmm, I'm happy to notice that your drawing skills got really better :) It's in fact a huge jump-forward!

"If there's something I hate, it's lasers. You KNOW why". - thumbs up! I loved it. :)

Thank you, Boss, for your kind commentary ^_^

And everyone else too.

Page 189 up.

Awesome new pages koga.
But... my friend gave me avesome tip to making comics(he made her own manga to concest). Try to add someting in computer - edit page lines or add text. Then your pages will be look more clean. Thats my try in my doujinshi:
I think it looks better than prev: