The blood ring comics

damm hell, is Yoshi a ninja or a predetor? good pages I like the page where Yoshi starts starking Bryan that is priceless.

Yeah, that new Yoshi mask looks even more "Predator"-ish than T3 Yoshi. Not sure if that's awesome or disturbing.

Good work, though. Looks like you made Bryan wish he'd worn his brown pants, if you know what I mean ;)


Page 171 up.

you know what I think Bryan is starting to get the same attudie as me.

that was funny when bryan tryed to turn koga into a gangster.:)

keep them comin:yes

Page 174 up.

Took my sweet time, didn't I...? :((

and the reason Raven gets killed first is beacuse?:con

still a good page.

Pages 175 - 177 up.

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rest in peace raven:D

and that fact is ture, anything can happen in half a second.:)

You killed Raven!
You bastard! xD
Why... Raven was cool^^

Gosh, I missed this update! Running to the comics category right away!

(PS. to refresh the message, you might delete it and write a new one :D)

Oopsie, been a while now... :blush

Okay, the truth was that I couldn't be arsed to continue due to the constant lack of constructive criticism (I don't mean directly you guys, just all over. I have lots of readers but very few give me comments I have any use of). There is a saying, "An artist lives on comments and criticism". Now, I've no idea who said that, but they are quite right. And in that meaning, I'm a bit anorexic. :D

Don't think I've ditched the project. My mother has sent me my tools and pages, and they're on their way to where I currently live. I just hope my dear Kazuya still has his scanner in working order... (if not, we get a new one :))

To be continued, ASAP. :)

Fastlegs, the scanner works fine, and I don't think it would be a bright idea to send fragile pages all over the world without any proper shield, which undoubtly cost.

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Koga, if you have scanner problems, let me know and I will Scan your pages for you when I get back from Poznan, be back monday providing. :wink

Pages 179, 180 and 181 up.

Oh, and in case someone is still interested in my drawing tutorials, I'll get back to them. The reason I've kept a break is that my own style of drawing has gone through a lot of changes, which has kept me honing my skills instead of teaching something half-arsed. :p

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You finally back! *gives cookie*
I can't wait for next pages ^__^

Woot, cool stuff. Gotta love that Bryan's always ruining things.