The blood ring comics

As long as you keep on with the story, I'm happy. Now I just gotta get back to writing _my_ fanfic project...oy.


Back in action, lads'n'lasses.

Pages 162 - 166 up.
One BR extra pic added.

love the blood ring extra pic:love:

and the title gods of destrution is very well pounced I say in this picture.

I also see that you have inculded a new gun for Bryan due to T6.

villans watch out the gods of destruction are coming to get you.:D

Next page up.

I have a confession to make :)

I'm dreaming of getting a job as a professional cartoonist at some company like Top Cow or MVCreations. In order to achieve my dream, I must practice harder. That's why I would like any constructive comments and suggestions. Also, this means I will try and improve the quality of the Blood Ring, meaning I will take more time to make the pages.

I know it's a childish dream, but... :blush

OK then...

It's all about practice with a well-done drawings. I remember I had once a script for Art Academy Students, which perfectly showed each stage of building a figure, and shading...

Also, great drawer (my favourite) is Rosiński (Rosi(n)ski: in case you don't have Polish font, it's "n" with a dash at the top). He created a series of Thorgal comics, which to be honest: KICK ASS. Especially first ones... If you want, I can make some scans of them, I trained my skill watching those comics and great pictures.

Also, training "freestyle" is also great. You envision a pose of a character, and then try to put it on a paper. Sometimes there's an enlightenment and you express it too well or find a different technique. Also, it's good to check the picture... in the mirror. If it looks as well as normally, then it's great (sometimes as you work on something for too long, it becomes too familiar to you and so you stop seeing mistakes... it happens for me)

Hmm, that would be all...

Thanks for the great advice, Tenshi. I'd be glad to see some pictures this Rosiński has made. :)

well hopefully, Koga(Yoshi's daugther) and Bryan will not be aruging anymore.

as for your dream Koga,

well let's put it this way you can do anything in life if you push yourself to the limt.

and that comes with three Key ingrdiants.

1) deadication
2) courage to try new things
3) pratice

hope this will help incourage you to persue your dream more.

(sorry if my spelling is off):blush

What they said.

Only other thing I can say, since I haven't taken any art classes past grade school, is that you tend to make your figures a bit out of proportion. Learn to draw a good skeleton first, fleshing out the character from there. If you can get one of those wooden poseable figures, it's a good investment. I have a small one sitting on my dresser, and it's helped me a lot in terms of sketching out the human figure.


Toramitsu : tend to make your figures a bit out of proportion.
As many professional artists do, too. :D
I'm not reaching for perfectness, I'm reaching for a quality/style that might get accepted as a mainstream cartoon style. Of course, since I ink the Blood Ring, I can't draw as much detail as I'd like to (I suck in inking stuff anyway, I'm only moderate at lineart). I can make a few pages "lineart only" so you get to judge my skill more accurately.

Thank you all for the advice.

Yeah, you should see one Predator comics (Batman vs Predator vol 2.) They guy sometimes drew really too biiiig heads ...

Another page uploaded. I know, I've been a little lazy...

and it's good stuff. keep on churning out those pages!


hey as long as we see more pages, then it's all good.

anyway nice page I see Yoshimitsu is about to get into his new armour but I do have one question on that very last bit was the new Mask talking or was that Yoshimitsu's thorght's could not really tell.:con

Oh, my - it's been AGES since i've read up on your story, Koga! Amazes me you're still able to come up with more stuff!

- Oh, well. I gotta read up from where i left (I think it was about that time, where Yoshi' was poisoned?)... Keep up the good work, Koga'!

Oh, and btw - did you ever learn to perform that 'Shark Attack Blow'? :D


Two next pages up. :)

O/T, @ U-DNA:
Me? Perform Shark Attack Blow? As in really, myself?
Nope. Still having troubles with the third kick :(