The blood ring comics

@.@ Cool. Thank you. Never expected such a brilliant reply.

Page 159 up. 8)

The colors have returned. I'm also considering to re-mask and re-armor Yoshi-boy due to popular demand. But don't be expecting any stereotypical Tekken Yoshi. I'mma do this my own way this time. :D

look foward to the change.

can't wait

yay! still good stuff. I didn't expect to see Xiao enter the picture, though maybe it is a bit better to introduce another Tekken fighter into the story.

Anyway, can't wait to see what you do with the armor. Oh, and thanks for the fanart. ^_^


I think koga put Xiao in because yoshi and xioa have history, so I think it ok that she is in it now,but still quite a shock, can't wait to see what becomes of her in the next few pages.


I uploaded a cover for the comic. It's not the end-all-be-all cover, I'mma make lots and lots of them if I have the time and energy to. Sorry for it being such a big pic, I would've uploaded the biggest image into dART but it was down for maintenance for a change...

Anyhow, the cover will include some major tip-offs of what may come, and a preview of the new body armor I designed for Yoshimitsu. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell where I got my inspiration from, though.

Comments, critique and advice are welcome. :)

Hmm, I wonder why the image doesn't show up... well, it's over here too.

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that is the best peace of art I have seen you do so far this year.

it looks cool the new yoshimitsu armour by using some of his costume from T1.

keep it up

Yay for Yoshi back in armor! Is that T3-style shoulder armor with T5-style tassets over T3 legs? Cool. The chest armor is cool, too. It all fits together, though I see you still like being minimal about masks. :P


Thanks fellas. :)

Now, the cover is available also in colors. Check it out! :yes

w0rd. Me likes, especially now that I can tell what Yoshi's holding in his hand.


yeah the colour version looks ten times better:D

keep it up can't wait for page 161 and beyond

Minor update regarding the art situation

Due to an unfortunate incident in our school, I can no longer gain access to the ADP classroom to scan the BR pages. I need to think of something myself now. This makes the BR status "ON HOLD".

Secondly, as my friend so nicely put it, I need more blood in the Blood Ring. I need to cut off some humor and add explicit violence and gore. I have also gathered a list of Tekken characters to actually waste (kill, in plain English) in the storyline. Just to cover my rear end, I place a disclaimer:
Tekken characters (C) Namco
Ringu (the novel) (C) Suzuki Koji
Ringu (the movie) (C) Asmik-Ace Entertainment (I think)
Original characters (C) me

"The Blood Ring" (C) Kogamitsu 2005 ->
M-Rated, PG-18
I hope that gets the @?$¤# legal eagles off my case.
Lastly, due to the hectic schedule of my high school exams, lack of inspiration and overall depression, I don't have much of time to attend to my admin duties. That is why, my good fellow users, behave yourselves now, alright? :)

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

don't worry Koga I will look after things here I'm online everyday nearly, so I can take care of this lot for you:D

you go and revaise for your exams:)

Oh and good luck:)

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No new pages, sorry, just a minor progress report.

1) The story
The story is now fully formed in my head, and I intend to keep the story as it is. There might occur minor continuation errors because I made dramatic changes to the ending, and now I have to re-setup everything to keep the story running smoothly. Should there be something you don't understand, feel free to ask me because my mind starts wandering every now and then and I may not be able to keep the story in tact.

2) The art style
Some of you might know or have noticed that my color vision is not from the best end. I'm not colorblind, but I have troubles in telling some colors from each other. That is why I'm returning back to the black-and-white style that I began with. Coloring isn't my thing.

Also, I would be delighted if I received any comments or improvement suggestions regarding my drawing skill. I'm constantly trying to better myself, but I'm not able to do that without someone telling me what I am doing.

3) Character portayals
If I'd get an euro every time someone tells me that I portray the characters wrong I would be a millionaire. I've been told off because I portray the energetic, cheery and humorous Yoshimitsu as a melancholic semi-goth who smokes sometimes and has a bad migraine, and the psychotic Bryan is completely sane and has feelings. To all these people I want to say that I portray the characters as I see them myself. My view of the characters may not be in keeping with Namco or most of the readers, and if it was, the story would definitely be a very dull one.

4) The continue
I got a job from a local chemical plant, and I work as an errand girl. This means that I don't have much time for the comic, but it also means I'm saving money to buy a scanner. This means I can upload the pages as they get ready, and not wait for the next day or heaps of pages to be done before using the pricey library scanner.

I have one unreleased page ready, as well as base sketches for the next five pages. I also have made an extra pic of Yoshi and Bryan. In that pic I have finished and polished Yoshi's new armor the way I will draw it later on.

Thanks for the patience, lads 'n' lasses.

Yours cruelly,

1)To be quite honest I think you clouoring skills are very good and you should continue to do the rest of the blood ring in clouor, but it is up to you if you don't want clouor the pages.:)

2) If you did not make the chracters the way they are now the story would be very dull, if some people don't like the way you have Yoshi and Bryan well tougth, I don't see people on here complaing about your chracters. You make them how you want Koga.:yes.

3) I can't wait for the rest of the story.