The blood ring comics

Well...they're good in Tekken bowl, at least...


As you might have noted, I've been having a creative pause...

Augh, the truth is I really need to be re-inspired. I don't know what sort of writer's block is this persistent, but I just don't seem to have an interest in drawing at the moment. No idea what gives... :con

So, I hope you don't knock me out for this. Just give me some time, folks... I think I'll be over with it sooner or later.

That's how I feel all the time! I have creative blocks all the time. Often I just wake up in the night full of ideas and quickly scribble them out and write for as long as the spark lasts. But it hardly lasts long enough, my ideas are mostly musical, but the notes and crescendos fade quickly. lol.
Oh how I wish I had good memory (I have terrible memory).

The forgetful

i know the feeling. that's what stopped my Toramitsu fanfic the first time around. Just keep at it; it'll all come out if you keep going.


writers block the disease of all writers.

cure for it, go out and do some sight seeing because when you see something intresting it gets you going again with your imaginenation part of the brain, or vist somepeople's comics there might be something in there that could help you.

Pages 154 and 155 up, page 156 almost done.

The trouble is, I heard so horrible news regarding a play our class has to do for the school's x-mas party that I'm definitely de-inspired for the rest of the year. Seriously, I can't believe this is happening...!


I think I'mma cry for a moment. :con

Saw them on deviantart - looks good. hope things work out, 'cause this is an interesting comic.


don't let nothing put you down, just be like bryan and destory everything or everyone who gets in you way pisses you off.:wink

get 156 up ASAP plz.

Page 156 up. :)

can't wait for the action part of the comic hope it's next

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz koga

I'll be uploading new pages tomorrow. I'm afraid I'll leave them uncolored, since I find the coloring part very frustrating and stressing. I've got a lot on my mind and a lot of work to do, and that will unfortunately hinder the quality. Please forgive me.

hey as long as we have a comic book im happy,

as long as the story is good then you go girl.

anyway need ideas fo my fan fiction

And thus has the last "(C) Kogamitsu 2006" marking been made.

School's ended for this year so you can expect next pages to come in January. I wish to thank all my readers and re-viewers for their support and ideas, which are still welcome 24/7.

Merry Christmas, lads and lasses. :)

:|... What is the girl saying on the first few pages? I know she's speaking Japanese but I don't understand Japanese.

Incoming translation:
Otosan, dare ni hanashite iru?
"Father, who are you talking to?"

Kus?! Kore wa ikenai!
"Oh sh*t, this is not good...!"
(Note: I believe the original phrase I quoted was "Kore wa ikan!". 'Ikan' is very rude and I was advised that girls should preferably use "Ikenai".)

Nani? Anata ga nani o itte iru ka sappari wakarimasen.
"What? I don't understand a word you're saying."

Kami yo... ano hitogoroshi doshite koko ni iru no?
"Oh God... why is that murderer here?"

"I don't know."

On o ada de kaesu to wa... yurusenu.
"To pay with evil to those who helped him... unforgiveable." (Something like that, this is from T5 Yoshi's beginning story.)

Watashi wa Bryan o koroshimasu.
"I will kill Bryan."

Iie, konban watashi no musume was Bryan o koroshimasen.
"No, tonight my daughter won't kill Bryan."

Kike, Kogamitsu. Shoujin sei! Fury wa abunai desu. Wakarimasu ka?
"Listen up, Kogamitsu! Practice! Fury is dangerous. Do you understand?"
(Note: "Kike" is a little rude expression, but fit the situation.)

Koga-chan... kaer?.
"Koga-chan... let's go home."

Then there's a big pause... and in page 70:

Anata ka, otosan?
"Father, is it you?"

In this case: "Get out!"

Hope this is of some help. :)

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