Hey Hey o/

I found this website while asking for help in a steam topic relating to one of Yoshimitsu's enders, and since I am a aspiring Yoshimitsu player I think this will be the grand tome of Yoshimitsu knowledge for me. Also it would be awesome to find new friends and people to play with.

To myself, my name is Nik. I'm currently living in germany and german is my native language so please excuse bad grammar :P . I'm a  fresh fighting game player, played a bit of MKX and a while ago discovered Tekken because of a friend, I instantly liked Yoshimitsus moves etc. But was scared to play him since he is very complicated and not exactly beginner friendly. So I started with Gigas, later switched to Claudio and now I finally wanted to try Yoshimitsu (33h on record when I decided this) and so far i'm loving it, but I am struggling with alot of stuff :D . Other hobbies I follow beside gaming are reading, webdesign and drawing ( the later 2 arent that great since I didnt pursue those hobbys for a while).

Overall I hope ill blend into the group and hope to find some new friends and people to play with !

Welcome Nik! Glad to see your interest in Yoshi. If you have any questions, we have knowledgable Yoshi players here that are capable of helping you with your Yoshi needs. The best place to find new mates to play with are your local tournaments around your area which have been becoming more frequent all over with the popularity of Tekken 7. There are many members here all over Europe and hope you meet the members and players if you are able to catch the next Tekken event. Do enjoy your stay.

Thanks alot, i'm not sure when ill start doing tournaments, since I am not even playing online with yoshimitsu, since I wanna get familiar with him first xD so I spend all my time in practice mode.

Welcome to the fold, young Manji initiate.

Hiya! :D
'tis so neat to see another artist join Manjikai! 
I'd love to put together a Yoshimitsu creative art team, just for fun!! :D
I also love reading and webdesign, aaaand...gaming!!:P

I kinda dropped drawing since I couldnt handle my perfectionism, but I planned to re-pick it up, kinda the same with webdesign, but I just didnt had the time to pursue it enough. Gaming is great tho :P