I live, I die--I live again

Hey guys! Way back when, I used to make some videos from our matches. I, however, haven't played since the release of TTT2 having sold my PS3, so I'm really glad T7 is on PC!

Thankfully I still remember most of the juggles from T6, but I definitely have a lot of refreshing and learning to do.

Is there a manjikai/YOT Steam group yet? Would be perfect for setting up matches on PC.

Yo wassup man. Those T6 group matches feel like ages ago already. We're all scattered around the globe so I can't say it was the best online matches but it was pretty fun playing with you all. I believe we have a mixed crowd here with PS4 and PC players. I play PS4 myself and I'm usually online.

If you're looking for T7 Yoshi info, we've been creating a bunch of different topics here and there. There's a TTT2 to T7 Yoshi changes thread if that can help you out. Other than that, just post away and welcome back :D