Who would you live with on this forum?

Watch who you call a 'servant,' young grasshopper.

And this reminds me of an _old_ fanfic, from another forum... if I can find it, I'll show it to you, but the basic premise was all the members of the forum working at a company. Every chapter represented an hour, much like the show 24.


off topic: Tora pls send it to me I would love something to read on my way to work in the morning.

On Topic:



this week Housemates are living like the Manji clan.

to complate this weeks task housemates have two Gurads on duty between 10pm till 6am.

Fastlegs and Kogamitsu are the Clan Gurads. (They have been on duty for 3 hours and 9 mins)

Koga: "Fastlegs damm hell wake up!"
Fastlegs: "sorry I'm not use to staying up all night"
Koga: "well you better start getting ust to it, unless you want us to fail this task"

4:00 am

Dinga and Raven are the Clan cooks they have to start getting food ready at 4am for Brakfast at 7am

for this mornings breakfast Dinga and Raven have to cook poridge, Toast and Baked Beans.

Raven: "I think you might have bunt the porige Dinga"
Dinga: " well can you help me then please insted of looking outside to see what Fastlegs and Kogamitsu is doing"
Raven: "ok, ok I was just making sure that those two do not go asleep"

in the Garden Kogamitsu and Fastlegs are still on clan Gurad duty.

Fastlegs: "so what do you think those two are doing? Raven keeps looking at you and me very oddly it is like they don't trust us to stay awake."
Koga: "Don't worry I think By now Dinga should have bunt the Breakfast"
Fastlegs: "I think you are right there Kogamitsu"


all the clan members are in the dining area........

Fastlegs: "everyone I hate to tell you, but I think Dinga bunt the poridge this morning"
Tenshi: " well that's just one more Thing I can't look Forward to today"
***** Amemitsu comes from the clan Food Store Room.

Amemitsu: " everyone someone has stolen half the food Supplies "


Next Time who stole the Food Suplies + Nomantions

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someone was realy hungry :D

Dinga? LOL... :D Hehe... I guess cooking is harder than it seems to be... :P

off topic: damm shame on me for speeling your name wrong Dinaga, sorry.

on topic:

7:05 am

all the housemates have found out that someone has stolen the whole weeks food supplies.

Koga: "allow me to point out the suspect, Fastlegs is out of the picture because she was with me all morning and last night, YME and Toramitsu are out of the picture too since they have been doing the chorus all morning, Tenshimitsu is our leader and would not do a thing like that and it can't be me because I was with Fastlegs all morning and she can voatch for me."
Fastlegs: " well that only leaves us with Dinaga, Raven, Clar380, UnknowenDNA and Amemitsu.
well lets start with your allbies you 5."
Amemitsu: "well come on as if I would do anything like that."
Clar380: " well you was late to Breakfast, maybe the delay you needed to steal this weeks food?"
Amemitsu: "you can't say much you and Tenshi was argueing this morning, maybe a reason to steal our food me thinks."
UnknowenDNA: "WAIT!, I stole the food, I did it because I was deppressed from the other day when me and Fastlegs had that arguement."
Tenshi: "well Thanks for owning up, so did you eat all the food?"
UnknowenDna: "no I just hided it under my Bed excepet for the forzen food that is still in the freezer."
Tenshi: "Right I have heard enougth, Clar380 and Amemitsu go and get the food back from the store room, Kogamitsu and Fastlegs can you please lock UnknowenDNA in the bedroom until father notice."

10:00 am

it has been nearly 3 hours since UnknoweDNA owend up to stealing the housemates weekly food.

Kogamitsu, Fastlegs, Amemitsu, Clar380 and Tenshimitsu are at the sofa disscussing a suitble punishment for Unknowen DNA

** "This is Big Brother can UnknowenDNA come to the dairy room" **

Koga: "looks like Big Brother is kicking him out of here"
Fastlegs: " well let's go and get him "


UnknowenDNA comes to the dairy room with Kogamitsu and Fastlegs

** "Kogamitsu and Fastlegs you have not been asked to come to the dairy room can you please leave now." **

Kogamitsu and Fastlegs leaves the dariy room.

** "UnknowenDNA at 6:30am this morning you stole housemates food stock for a whole week, this a serious breach of big borther rules and will not go on punished as a result of this you are up for eviction this week, is that understood?" **

UnknowenDNA: "yes Big Brother."

** "you may now leave the dairy room" **


housemates have been gathered around the sofa and been givin a letter to open, Fastlegs reads out the letter.

Fastlegs: "housemates, as a result for breaking house rules earlier UnknowenDNA has been put up for Eviction for later this week, who UnknowenDNA will face in the public vote is up to you."


Amemitsu, Fastlegs and Kogamitsu are in the bedroom talking about Unknown DNA...

Fastlegs: you know what just incase UnknowenDna does not leave on Friday I think, I'm going to play a prank on him.
Amemitsu: go on what's the prank?
Kogamitsu: I'm staying out of this, I might hate Unknowen for he did but I'm not that childish.

Unknowen and Toramitsu are talking in the garden...

UnknowenDNA: I think the girls have it in for me
Toramitsu: well maybe some of the girls, but I don't think they are all inmuture.


all the house mates have been gathered on the sofa to hear who will face eviction on Friday with UnknowenDNA...

** This is Big Brother the housemate that will face Eviction with UnknowenDNA this week is Dinaga.**

Tenshimitsu: Oh my God!, didn't think it would be you mate.
Dinaga: I throught it would be acturlly.

all the housemates cuddle Dinaga to wish him good luck.

for tonight's diner Raven and Dinaga have to make Speraghti Blougnase...

Fastlegs is in the swimming Pool

Kogamitsu and Tenshimitsu are at the Sofa's

Tenshimitsu: do you think those two will do the prank tonight?
Kogamitsu: most likly not, me and Fastlegs have one more night of Gurad Duty left for this weeks task, but I promise you it will be before Friday.
Tenshimitsu: please talk to Fastlegs tonight and get her to stop this stupid prank, I will talk to Amemitsu.


well who will leave the big Brother house of YOT, you will find out on Monday.

Plus Next Time in the House, Fastlegs is upset,but what about.
and the result of the task.

Kogamitsu says:
Do. Not. Spam. The. Threads.

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Day Yoshitno: Eviction and task result day


Fastlegs and Kogamitsu are on gurad duty.

Kogamitsu: Fastlegs, can I speak to you?
Fastlegs: of course, whats on your mind?
Kogamitsu: Fastlegs I'm asking you not to go ahead with the prank you and Amemitsu have planned.
Fastlegs: Why?
Kogamitsu: because you and Amemitsu will get into trouble with big brother for breaking house rules.
Fastlegs starts to cry.
Kogamitsu: there is no needto get upset we can still have fun tomrrow how does a water fight sound, over the floor in the bathroom which if I'm not mistaken YME and Toramitsu would have just mopped up?
Kogamitsu and Fastlegs laugth.


most of the housemates are at the dinning table...

Tenshimitsu: can I look forward tobreakfast this morning Dinaga?
Dinaga: I don't think I have bunt it so far?
Kogamitsu: well I think I will warn the others just incase.


Big Brother is about to say the results of this weeks task

** This is big Brother, Housemates have passed this weeks task**
Everyone: yeah!


Fastlegs, Amemitsu, Kogamitsu, UnknowenDNA and Clar380 are in the kitchen having a water fight.

Kogamitsu: Amemitsu, Fastlegs go into the bathroom we will get them off gurad, not to mention someone's floor gets unclean.
Fastlegs: come on Amemitsu, let's go!

the other housemates are in the bedroom...

Toramitsu: do you think they are going to come into the bedroom?
Tenshimitsu: I'm not getting wet, I just did my nails for haven sake.
YME: let's go and take cover in the dariy room.

Fastlegs and Amemitsu come running into the bedroom and stright into the bathroom.



Big Brother has gathered housemates at the sofa to find out who the public have chose to be first to leave the big borther house.

Divina: Big Brother house of YOT this is divina you are live on YOT T.V do not swear, UnknowenDNA and Dinaga, the votes have been counted and verfid and the first housemate to be evicted is... UnknowenDNA.
Fastlegs: oh my god
UknowenDNA: You wanted me out Fastlegs and now you say that.
Divina: UnknowenDNA you have one hour to pack and say your good bye's


ok so UnkowenDNA is the big brother housemate to be evicted.

next time UnkowenDNA leaves and new task is set

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and, what new task? :)

Day Yoshitno: 08:04pm

it has been a hour since housemates learned that UnknowenDna will be the first to be evicted from the Big Brother House.

Divina: housemates this is Divina, you are live on YOT T.V please do not swear, UnknowenDna you are the first housemate to be evicted, you now have 10 seconds to say your good bye's I'm comin to getcha you.

** 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... UknowenDNA you have been evicted please leave the big brother house **

UnkowenDNA: Bye guys.

Day Yoshiqno: 10:15am

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa to find out this weeks new task, Fastlegs reads out the instructions.

Fastlegs: Housemates this week you are all going to be contsents on Japanse game show Big Brother Can't laguh, to pass the task housemates must go 24 hours without laugthing more then ten times, if you do laugth you will be punished with forfits. please go to the bedroom and stay there till father notice imditaly.
Kogamitsu: oh great, we are going to get red asses come the end of this week.
Amemitsu: um, I don't think Big Brother said we just get forfits.
Kogamitsu: on the original game show that means a kendo stick to the ass
Tenshimitsu: why us?


Housemates have just come out of the bedroom and have been told to sit at school like desks.

Toramitsu Reads out the instructions to the housemates.

Toramitsu: housemates you are about to watch a video of someone trying to learn english, he is very shy so no laugthing at him, you will be punished if you do.
Fastlegs: I better put my book in my mouth I laugth easily.

next time will Fastlegs laugth? and someone cracks up in the house and costs the housemates a life.

tenshimitsu ty jestes POLAKIEM :):):) heh...


Housemates are watching a video of a forgin exchange student trying to read english from a book, so far Raven and Amemitsu has cost the housemates two lives.

T.V: one, twe, three, whoo...
Dinaga: hahaha
Big Brother: Dinaga outo ( japanse way of saying out )
** a hatchman comes in and swipes a kendo stick agaist Dinaga's ass **
Dinaga: oh ow.
Toramitsu: will you lot stop laugthing, already.


Housemates are taking part in a seicnce class, which goes horbily wrong, the housemates think they are making a non laugthing potion but insted big brothe has tricked them, by giving them the wrong igredents and housemates are unaware if they make the potion wrong they will start lagthing after one sip of the potion.

Tenshimitsu: I hope made this right.
Fastlegs: me to I want to stop lagthing, Koga do you think we have made it right
Kogamitsu: .....
Fastlegs: Koga are you ok?
Kogamitsu: hahahaha
Big Brother: Kogamitsu outo
** A hatchmen comes in the house and gives Kogamitsu a kendo stick hit to the ass **
Kogamitsu: F***in sake.


how many more of you lot are going to start lagthing?:D

next time dinner on Big Brother with a funny twist and will housemates pass the task.

wanna here an interesting fact? if you lay all your bones out strait in a line...(scroll down)

...you will die

5.00 PM

all the housemates have just finished the potion making class and encured one fail.
Housemates now have six lives left for the rest of the 48 hours of the Big Brother Can't laugth Task.

YME, Fastlegs and Clar380 are in the garden talking about the potion making task

YME: well thank godness that is over with
Clar380: tell me about it.
Fastlegs: I just don't get how Koga, was the only one to fail?
** Kogamitsu enters the gaeden **
Koga: here Fastlegs let me give you a insight into why I failed the task, because someone rigged my potion to make me laugth, now you and Ame are the house pranksters, but since you two could have not gone no where near the potion I put it down to Big Brother.
YME: No Way would Big Brother do that
Koga: well can you think of another way?


Amemitsu has called the others housemates onto the sofa's for a house meeting

Tenshi: ok, what have we done now?
Ame: nothing, I think it is safe to say after the potion task we are being made to fail this task because some has rigged it for us to fail.
Tora: so you are saying someone or a group of people in this house are making us fail this task, impossible.
Koga: me, clar380,YME and Fastlegs side with Amemitsu, because we all know my potion should have not gone wrong.
Fastlegs: I suggest we are all careful for the rest of this task.


Big Brother has invited housemates to a special Dinner, housemates are unaware, that if any housemate is laugthing doing dinner, that will go up for the public vote this week.

Koga: things are too quiet

** This is Big Brother, for you entertainment tonight, you have the best comidian of the forests of the world Kenjinitsu **


Housemates have been given a proformance by comidian Kenjinitsu for the last hour and 7mins, so far no housemates have laugthed.

Kenjinitsu: for my last trick, I need some help from a member of the auddince, how about you Fastlegs?
Fastlegs: go on then this will be fun.
Kenjinitsu: I will now make Fastlegs dissapper into the Garden.
Koga: oh great, this will be funny.
Kenjinitsu: silnce in the auddince.
Amemitsu: heh
** Amemitsu outo **
** Hatechmen comes and punishers Amemitsu **
Amemitsu: ouch
Kenjinitsu: One, Two, Three... Fastlegs dissapper!
** In a proff of smoke Fastlegs dissappers into the garden **
YME: Damm,
Dinaga: amazing,
Raven: unreal.
Tenshi: well bring her back in here, then.
Kogamitsu: I think I could have done with a night without Fastlegs sleepwalking.
Tenshi: heh, oh god damm, you made me laugth.
** Tenshimitsu outo **
** Hatenchmen come in to the house to give Tenshi a hurtful forfit **
Tenshi: ouch
Fastlegs: s**t happens.
Dinaga: where did you come from?
Fastlegs: Kenjinitsu is gone, but he broght me back strgiht into the house.


well hope you enjoyed this edtion of Big Brother YOT Style.

and just to remind you for that laugthing during the dinner task, Amemitsu and Tenshimitsu are up for the public vote.

Next time Housemates try there best to finish the task on four lives, will, they do it?
and who will be the seconed housemate to be evicted?

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I only found this because of the spring (bit late ^^) cleaning you guys were doing. Isn't it nice when you clean up and you find buried treasure in the back of the cupboard under all the clutter?

So I wanna play.

I would gladly live with Sumsamurai. I think she'd be a tidy and considerate roommate and she likes pets so would let me have a kitten. I'd also live with Gattsu because I'd trust him with my life so would certainly trust him with my chinaware (that, and also for the cake!!). Either of the above would play on the playstation with me too. Though I suspect my habit of always playing the same game over and over, might annoy them sometimes.

Sounds weird, but I think I'd rather live with someone who worked slightly different shifts to me. That way, we'd get up at different times so wouldn't compete for the bathroom, and we'd both have times when the house was all our own to do what we like without the other person playing their crappy music and complaining that my crappy music is too loud!! So long as we also had time when we were both in together for movie nights, watching football, or just general goofing around. In some ways, I think the less you see someone, the more you appreciate your time with them.