Who would you live with on this forum?

Hope not but who knows

Oh no! My socks! Heh-hehhh, doesn't matter anyway, whoever got them probably faced a terrible death. And they said bio-attacks were dangerous.

LOL. O no. Not good

Next day...
A note arrived at the door of the house

To the people of Manjikai. I hold all your socks under hostage. Give me a cookie or say bye-bye to your precious socks.

Oh dear! A sock terrorist!

i would say perodious. he is my friend (put us in the reality show hint hint). WWRRRRROOOOOOAAAAGGGHHH!!! LASERS!!!

Hmmm... I WONDER who it will be...

*COUGH* BigChief *AHEM*...

I didn't say anything...

"I steal socks from the rich and give them to the poor..."

Seriously though, I hate being the sock bandit.

You have been stigmatized for the rest of your life, BigChief :P

"Hence forth, you shall be known as 'SockChief'. Rise!"

Hey! I wanna be an apprentice... can I Bigchief... can I?

Or should I say SockChief...

Darth SockChief... now thats evil!

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Hmm... :dozingoff Why would sock bandits take our socks? Why do they want a cookie in exchange? So many questions are not meant to be answered. Join us next time for the made up Yoshi's Unsolved Mysteries. *Weird alien music*


*looks in dresser* I've got tons and tons of socks! at least 50 pair!
can i join in on the fun? :D

Sure. Go on ahead. The more the merrier.

Yay! Just hide your socks.

LOL. Yes. Hide them