Yoshimitsu Matchup Punishment Guide

Major work in progress.
Current Matchups available (click the thumbnail):

Matchups Remaining:


Will update regularly as matchups are completed.

I also have a strategy blog posted here.

Update: Per Grey's idea, I've consolidated all pages into a single multi-sheet. Let me know if it's working ok.

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Kodus to you to for making this guide Forge. It's alot of work to break down a moveset like this, I've tired that with TTT2 and jesus it makes you aware just how much knowledge and memorization you're going to need, just to defend and punish, properly towards the cast. 

I'll have a ps4 by the next month, so I'll maybe be able to help you out with by then ;)

It's a great idea. I think we should have a dedicated section in the strategy archive for character match-ups. It would be too all over the place if it was in seperate documents. 

Please stay tuned, I'm working on it! :)

Updated. Kuma, Lucky Chloe, Gigas, Lili, King, Feng and Claudio are viewable.

Also I didn't have permissions set right. The docs were private. They are now viewable (with the link, not searchable) and you can add comments if changes need to be made.

Adding more characters soon.

Added 1 day later:

Working on the Yoshi mirror atm.

Any requests for needed matchups?

Also taking ideas for better formatting. Tenshi suggested a seperate column for NSS and 1SS options... which is a good start.

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I think that you guys are doing the right thing with testing mostly the new characters first. Those potentially have some really cheap gimmics, if not explored in practice mode. 

The only thing suggestion that I have, is a small explaintion for isw means, like with the other terms, (Had to look up for that on TZ for sec)
Otherwise looking good! 

Oh yeah, instant while standing. Sure, I can put that in the legend for each doc.

Will take some time though, reformatting the stuff I already have. Definitely going for the 2 column solution for nss and 1ss.

Also. What makes more sense for sorting the columns?

Moves -- 1SS Punish -- NSS Punish -- Interrupt -- Conditions or

Moves -- Interrupt -- 1SS Punish -- NSS Punish -- Conditions ?

Added 1 day later:

Going back through current docs before moving on to new characters.

Adding Hit Level columns, NSS punish and 1SS punish. Also completing movelists, including moves that are not punishable for completeness sake.  Almost done with Gigas now. 

Phew. Long road ahead.

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Thanks for the list man, great help.

Just wondering though, why not just have one spreadsheet document with all characters in different sheets? Or do you prefer to have one whole spreadsheet for each character?

Didn't know that was a thing. I'm a total google docs noob. I can look into that. Is it more convenient?

# Cosmic Forge : Didn't know that was a thing. I'm a total google docs noob. I can look into that. Is it more convenient?
On the bottom left of spreadsheets there should be a button to add and edit different sheets. It would probably be easier to consolidate all the character into one whole spreadsheet document than having to open one for each character.

Thanks. I updated it to a single multi-sheet. The character selection is available on the lower left menu popup.

Added 1 week later:

Yoshi mirror added. Working on Katarina now as well as updating old docs to the new format. I think I'm gonna run through all the new characters as of vanilla T7 before studying older ones from here on. Seems most people need that new character matchup knowledge.

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f+3+4 and rage arts have 8f startup before the armor actives.
You can use these to also interrupt strings if flash for example doesn't work.

This compilation was very helpful. Thanks for working on it, everyone! Time to put in some practice. :)

Edited the OP. Separated the thumbnails into completed and unfinished sections. Links to completed thumbnails should work. Once the page is open, you can find other characters on the bottom tabs.