Characters missing in tekken 7

So as you may know, while tekken 7 brings a few new characters to it's diverse roster it also leaves out some of the fan favorites. Most notably Marduk, Armor King, Julia Chang, Lei Woo Long, and Zafina.  What are your thoughts, should some be brought back as dlc or are we good without them? 

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The game is pretty good with the current roster. I want old characters to return as well but the game feels complete enough without them. For now, there's enough new characters along with the old characters so I'd rather focus on learning all of that for now.

Oh noes . . . Julia isn't in it? Too bad . . . I hope she gets added. u.u' Me and my old boyfriend used to say we were Julia and Hwoarang {still do, actually}, since we looked just like them {he's Hwoarang through-and-through, but my personality is more Jun Kazama} so I'm a bit disappointed about that. :<

I'm really missing Julia, Ganryu and Lei.They weere iconic characters that were known appear since the first Tekken (well Michele>Julia but you know, the idea). Most of all I miss Lei, he was one of my faves and his unique fighting style is not adapted by any of the new characters neither.

I agree with, Sakujo. It just doesn't feel the same, leaving those characters out of the new game. :(