An Introduction to MR.TURKIMITSU

      Hello ManjiKai Members, My Name is Turkimitsu. I'm a 29 years old guy and approximately a 15 years old TEKKEN player. This is not my first time here though, in 2007 up until early 2009 I was a YOT member who called himself MANJI YOSHIMITSU. Hopefully some of you remembered me by now ^^ but I wouldn't be surprised if that's not the case due to at least 10 years gap between then and now.
Now, before I tell you guys the reason behind my  return to ManjiKai after all these years, I would like to present the ManjiKai community with a basic  profile / timeline chart in which I'm hoping that it will shed some light  about my background in a way you guys will hopefully enjoy.
 TEKKEN Status:
- Casually active throughout T3, TTT, T4,and T5 from  1997 to 2006.
-Competitively active during T5DR  from March 2007 to April 2009.
-75% inactive  in T6.
-Casually active in TT2 from September 2012 to December 2013.
-Competitively active in TT2 from February 2014 to present day. 
-Currently rocking  solo mode in TT2 in preparation for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 7.
ManjiKai Status:
- 2007 to 2009: Somewhat Active.
I didn't have that much of a presence on the site, but I did have some sort of moments here and there.
- 2010 to 2015: Somewhat Inactive.
I was lurking in the shadows keeping watch on ManjiKai in hopes that someday, I'll find my way back here once again.
Social Media Status:
- I have always been a lone wolf kind of a guy, so the transition into a more social person is not easy for me but I'm at least trying to make it work somehow.
- Currently I'm being a social media observer, with hopes of expanding my social media repertoire someday.
Yoshimitsu in all of his magnificence.
Solo TEKKEN in all of its glory.
Japanese language & culture.
Autumn and Spring seasons.
The sea.
Driving my 300c.
All other TEKKEN characters.
Tag TEKKEN in all of its shame.
Korean Language & culture.
Winter and Summer seasons.
High places.
Checking out ManjiKai .
Surfing the net.
Video games beginning with TEKKEN 3( My first ever 3D game).
Anime, music, movies and TV shows.
Pro wrestling fan since 1997.
UFC since 2016.
     So, there you have it guys. I hope that this background presentation successfully identified with you in some shape or form^^ and now I believe it's time to make my reason for returning to ManjiKai clear. As you've properly realized by now, I'm back here in this time and place in hopes of reigniting and finishing my competitive Tekken journey. It took me a lot of time to make my return to TEKKEN& ManjiKai again, and during my time away I realized how truly special ManjiKai is to me and to all of you guys as well in comparison to other communities out there. Finally, I do not know what the future holds for my competitive TEKKEN Career nor I know what's going to happen to the ManjiKai community. However, I made a promise to myself to fully live out my TEKKEN life until the very end of it and to never walk away from it again. As for ManjiKai , I make a promise to you guys right here and now^^ To always support this wonderful community and to stick around  through thick & thin, while making sure to never leave this awesome place known as ManjiKai ever again.
Thank you ManjiKai 

Excellent introduction! I'll have to do some thinking for remembering all of my travels with tekken :) 

Thanks my freind:)

I remember your old name back in the day and glad to see you back. A lot has changed over the years and the site might be completely different but this place will forever remain as a Yoshimitsu haven. 


Thanks man. It's good to be home again after all this time ^^