YOT Community General discussion part 2

Could have sworn I've seen your profile pic before and realized you just changed your name. 

Hey season 4 is up now and oh boy it's great to see Kunimitsu again. I can only reconmend trying her out. She feels so fun and aggressive with her amazing movement and strong poking, it feels like controlling a fast predator to, that alone makes a character, s tier fun ;)

The new moves and animations makes her so interesting, she's cheeky af, and has some fun win qoutes, like trying to advertise herself to a beaten up opponent lol. 
The costumes are very unique and very cool alternate designs, anyone of those would be a solid main costume for a tekken game! Namco did a great job with her, you'd have a hardtime believing she was a yoshi clone back in the games now!

Besides armor king, by far my favorite redesign of a tekken character.  There's just one thing i do not like.... she loses the mask, while knockdown in a match... if i wanted to see her face, i'd play her maskless. I know people like their cutesy wafius but just for once please >:(
and I'm loving doing f,f,+4,2 :P good old Fabuki knee ^^  

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, any other American Yoshimitsu fans here? :D 

I'm glad they brought Kunimitsu back, even if it is her daughter this time. Someday I'll play Tekken 7, too! =^_^=