Happy 20th Anniversay to Soul Calibur!! n__n

In honour of this anniversary, Namco officials are going to be having a discussion about Soul Calibur at their upcoming Tekken panel at Comic Con later this month. I, for one, am most excited to hear what they have to say about the Soul series!~ n_n ♡

If you guys remember, I used to write whole novels about Yoshimitsu, my homemade character, and the Soul Calibur world!* n___n ♡♡♡ . . . If not, well, that's probably cos I only shared snippets here and there back when I used to post fanfics and art on my old deviantART gallery. ;P

I'm praying for a miracle, hoping they'll retcon SCV - which was supposed to be Soul Edge 2 anyway - and bring back all of our old beloved favourites for SCVI. I mean, they went ahead and brought back almost all of them for the short-lived Lost Swords service, so why the Hell not?! n_~ Hey, some dreams aren't that impossible!! :D

Well, in any case~ one can only dream until we finally do hear what is said in reality. I will be eagerly waiting with brimming enthusiasm for this intriguing news! :D ~If only I could be there in person, that would be amazing~~ UoU ♡♡♡

More news can be found here at 8WAYRUN: 20th Anniversary of Soulcalibur Talk @Comic-Con

Trivia: The Soul series is actually 21 years old, however, this is likely counting from it's debut on the PlayStation. :D

* That said series is being revamped into an original webcomic series, coming soon! What a wonderful synchronicity to line up with the real Soul series' 20th anniversary! :D

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Nice find Pris   I'll be crossing fingers that the francise will survive in one way or another, and I find it too be very strange if it doesn't. I've come to enjoy it more to be very good game for teaching people about  3d fighting games with out the ridiculous demands of Tekken. 

I'll hope that story/lore will be better in the next entry because, the characters and the over all presentation live and die by it. I believe it's really what keeps the games alive even if they suc,k on a mechanical level like Mortal Kombat once did. 

I know that i'm for sure gonna buy it when it's comes out (poking monster Yoshi ftw!) 

No new game. Comic Con came and went, and the Namco peeps just briefly mentioned, "Oh, hey, Soup Calender hit it's 20th year! Spam our Facebook if you want a new game - yay." They really don't give a shit about Soul Calibur. Oh well. Here is one small thing related to Yoshi-sensei that all you YOTians should appreciate, though, from their *infamous* Soul Calibur page on Facebook. /end sarcasm

Soul Calibur: "#‎SoulTrivia‬: Can you make the difference between guest characters and multiverse characters?"

p.s. if the formatting comes out weird again, could someone please fix it for me? Thanks!

Well doesn't matter if they don't, but if people still want to carry the game it's gonna survive =)
Fighting games in general have some increiblely deticated followers and fans so i'm someway it will continue but the fact of the matter is that the majorty of gamers don't really enjoy fighting games unless they are really hardcore (with mortal kombat as the rule breaker) 

Have you heard about KI Pris that had been gone for like 20 years and still came back from the dead *_* Fighting games are like the people playing them, resilliant as mothertrucker XD