What's the future for SC?

It's been a while since, I've heard anything from it and it's really a shame, since it's one of the few 3d fighters still around. I'm worried that we might not see another which is really a shame. I've come to like the gameplay of this 3d fighter, and I have had more battles in it around my friend circle than Tekken! despite SC4 being my first in the Soul franchise.

The series appeals with its non hardcore fgc focus, so as a game and scourse of entertainment, I feel it superior to many fighting games now days which is huge one trick ponies( but still very good one trick ponies) And it's one of the few games where i'm able to play mulitable character, instead of speciallising on a very few.

I know that I'll miss having a hugely fast and offensive yoshi with interesting fluid stance transistions, fast pokes, ch combo starter down jab. I short if you aren't very big on SC Yoshi it's a little something like this.... The only things he has in common with tekken yoshi gameplay is that his a mix up character, In fact he's actually a very fast character =) with good poke and kinda short range =/  and to me he's a alternate take on Yoshimitsu tekken move set and it's properties. 

 I definitely think the Soul Calibur franchise has more in store for us. I mean they don't speak much about SC anyways, plus with the popularity and money that Pokken will bring in, I hope it will mean more funding for other fighting game projects by Namco! I agree that SC Yoshi is super different and has cooler stance transition options and stances in general, Super Dragonfly? The coolest stance....

I'm not sure . . . There is a Japanese SC fanartist I've followed since I was 19; she said the director of Project Soul had no interest in continuing the storyline, he then went on to retire from Project Soul. This was all a couple of years ago. *shrugs* Maybe a new director will pick it up? They couldn't possibly be settling with Lost Swords. . . That seems like a thinly disguised hentai game if you ask me. :/

Perhaps their hesitation may stem from the many disappointed long-time fans, when they replaced or removed familiar faces and movesets in SCV, ie. Talim, Cassandra, Amy, Seong Mi-Na, etc. A few of them have returned in Lost Swords, as a result. They even went on to bring the extremely popuar Taki back in Lost Swords, making her a first to replace her replacement

I haven't played Soul Calibur for years now but I'm still a fan of the franchise. I love how I could play a fighting game without the need to play with others. I usually just play through the single player modes and finish the challenges. It's not as competitve to me so I don't feel the need to practice all the time compared to how I play Tekken. I'd say the main reason I don't play Soul Calibur (and practically any other game) is that I'd rather be playing Tekken most of the time.

I can see Soul Calibur turning more into an RPG fighting game like Lost Swords than a competitive one like Tekken/SF. Wouldn't be surprising to me if they even adapt a Dynasty Warriors like gameplay. The time period and the character roster seems like it would match quite well as a story driven game. Whatever their plans are might not be a big concern of mine for now but I'll support the game if they ever release a new one.

You're totally right about the whole deal with the new charcters in sc5 pris. I couldn't believe how much of a T3 it the pulled on the series with that game, and the frustraitions with highly lacking story mode, which nearly only focused on give "depth" to plateswaps.. oh I mean new characters.
If I were a more of fan of series and more emtionally attacted to the fighters as I am with tekken, I would be really, really, have been offenced by that move

I hope that namco learns to see how valueble Ironic characters can bring lot's of people to a franchise with pokken. (It's not like people make fanart and fansites and stuff about fighting game characters or anything )

Haven't they actually done RPGish adventure mode stuff with older story modes? again I'm not to big on sc as a series.

maybe spliting the series into perhaps RPG and regular SC would be a good idea  and damn you're get pretty hardcore man XD. I really hope that tekken 7 online will be good enough it be playable from Denmark all the way too Guam  

Not only were the new characters little more than stereotypical anime tropes, but Namco removed several movesets altogether! What gives?! O.o Patroklos and Pyrrha are HORRIBLE characters compared to their vastly superior badass strong mum and aunt! Plus there was an uncomfortable undertone of incest between the two. . . Squicky!! :<

Anyway, sorry for the brokenhearted fangirl rant {don't get me started on Yoshi-san's death!} but SCV was the catalyst for moving on from the SC fandom for me.

SC Legends was an adventure game for the Wii, a bit like a RPG game, but not quite. Chronicles of the Sword, and Tales of Souls, were also an engaging addition in SCIII, and yes, because of these - as well as the older story mode in Soul Blade and Weapons Master in SCII - I could see SC working beautifully as an adventure-RPG style game. But I'd prefer it if they retconned SCV and went back to the classic cast - or put more focus on more interesting characters, like Raphael {mon amour~}, Viola and Z.W.E.I. Or even add onto Yoshimitsu the Second's relationships with the girls Natsu and Leixia {who thinks he's HOT, by the way!!}.

If my laptop wasn't crashed, and I could afford a capture card, I was planning on recording and uploading a CotS gameplay footage to YouTube, with Sha-mitsu aka Kagemitsu {my old fanfic OC} and everything. ^-^ There's a storymode in SCIV for OCs too, but it's not as engaging or anything like SCIII's CotS. :/

Edit: Rumours of a SCVI in the making ~ since they finally took down that bloody awful stripperific Lost Swords campaign. X_x after asking fans who are their faves, so maybe they'll pay attention and bring back our old faves. I mean, Taki replaced her replacement in Lost Swords, and we got to see Mi-Na, Cass, and Amy again. :D . . . still wish they'd retcon SCV. u.u'

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