Obsession gone too far. . .

I know my obsession with Yoshi-san has gone too far, when I dreamt of my part-time job at McDonalds where the children were running around in the lobby, and one boy shouts, "Behold my magnificence!" And I thought, "Is that little boy a Yoshimitsu fan, too??" ^.^

So let me get this straight.. You weren't day dreaming about it while working, but actually dreaming while sleeping? 
I think that i would have been way cooler of the kid said: Evil or not. die!  Imagine kids saying that while ordering a happy meal XD 

Yes, I was dreaming, as in I was asleep. I do daydream about things, but nothing this strange, hehehe! ^-^ Normally I'm aware that I'm asleep and dreaming, but this dream seemed so mundane, till the little boy was shouting Yoshimitsu's quote, then I was confuzzled. ^^; My favourite customers are the little kids, they're so sweet, and I like to encourage them, so they become more confident. :3

I would say it was quite a normal dream :)

I happened to have a lot of dreams starring Yoshimitsu, a lot weirder than this. :)
He was in his Soul Calibur costume (SC2 I think), Tekken 3, Tekken Tag 2, Tekken 4... never in Tekken 1,2,5 costume. :)

Hm. . . I guess it was weird for me, since I didn't get why the kid was quoting Soul Calibur. I actually never dream about Yoshimitsu. I do have strange dreams, and even astral adventures, though. But okay, I just thought it was funny enough to mention on here. Cheers! ^.^

How about this dream:

I'm driving with Yoshi in taxi cab. Suddenly Yoshi opens window and leans outside, waving to everyone and shouting "hellooo there!". I'm trying to get him back in, saying "Stop doing that, you make me feel ashamed!"


Yoshi - like

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Yes, exactly!!! It looked just like this, hehe :D


Another dream (very strange @_@)

Yoshi and me are escaping some kind of beast: looking like a mix of a bull and lion.
The setting is some kind of old, dirty factory in the dark forest, we're climbing old rusty scaffolding to escape the beast. It hits the scaffolding trying to shake us off.

Of course Yoshi climbs up with ease, doing acrobatic stunts in the process, laughing and teasing me: "you're too slow, come on, faster!". It looks like fun for him whereas I was fighting for survival ;)

Lastly we jump outside a broken window and run away through the forest road. I can hear loud hoofbeats just behind me. Of course Yoshi is quite ahead. :)

Suddenly he stops, signaling me to keep on running, and turns around to face the beast. I run some more and after some steps I reached Manji village. It's crowded with people as if they're waiting for something. The village is lit with lanterns.

I turned around just to see the moment in which Yoshi kills the beast with one clean overhead cut. (very elegant one) Everybody is cheering. I asked somebody: "What is this all about?" He answered: "Don't you know? It's a festival. Every year Yoshimitsu kills a beast".

And I woke up. :)

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Interesting! ^.^ It reminds me that I recently dreamt of being chased by the Red Bull from 'The Last Unicorn' in a labyrinth. . . O.o

After thinking about it, I do remember a few dreams, albeit vague memories, about Yoshi-san during the time period I was writing my novel series. Nothing terribly interesting, just pleasant 'feel good' dreams as his assistant, very mundane and 'boring', heh. I did once have an unusual dream of who I thought was Yoshimitsu trying to make a pass at me, to which I recoiled, before he took the mask off to reveal somebody else entirely {my crush at the time...}, then I was okay with his frisky behaviour. *giggles* ^^;

Edit: Been having more and more dreams with Yoshi-san ~ 'tis very interesting, and neat experience! n_n ❤ (even if sometimes I don't understand why he does the things he does in my dreams, but it's cool. :p)

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