T7 Yoshimitsu Change List

Tekken-net T7:FR Move List
Tekken-net T7:FR Move List pdf

Rage Arts:
Supreme Soul Stealer

Rage Drive:

Power Crush

Wall Bounce

Screw Attacks:
ws 1,2
bt 2
ss 4
DGF f+2


- Rage Art: b+1+2. Old b+1+2 gone.
- 2nd Rage Art: u/b+1+4. Supreme Soul Stealer. Absorbs hits including highs, mids, lows and grabs. Does not absorb other Rage Arts. Follow up combo possible. Not doable in BT. Activates at frame 6.
- Rage Drive: f,N,d,d/f+1+2. Mid, safe, launcher. Gives screw animation but does not count as a screw move.
- Power Crush: f+3+4. At least -10 on block in both 1SS and NSS.
- 1SS d/f+2,2 replaced with NSS d/f+2 (Basic Uppercut). d/f+2,2 gone.
- 2nd hit of 1,1 on ch now knockdown, opponent FDFA. d+3 guaranteed.
- 3rd hit of 1SS 1,2,1 on ch can be followed up with d/f+1+2.
- 2,1 changed from 29f to 26f. NCc.
- 2,1~B recovers 3f faster.
- 2,2~1+2 Flash Punch to KIN Transition.
- [3,4] less tracking on first hit.
- [4,3] | FLE 3+4 lowered hitbox.
- 4,4,4 3rd hit causes screw.
- KIN 1,1 now -9 from -12 on block.
- KIN 1+2 leaves opponent fdfa in aerial combos.
- KIN f+2 on ch causes screw animation similar to Jin's EWHF.
- KIN 3 causes knockdown on normal hit, opponent FDFA. Juggle starter on counter hit.
- KIN b+1+2 comes out a little faster.
- f+2 now causes screw on counter hit and in combos.
- 2nd hit of f+3,3 no longer launches but knockdown, opponent FDFT.
- d/f+1,2 Electric Misfortune. 13f, Mid, High, NC. 2nd hit is same as Manji Back Fist.
- d/f+1,4. 13f, Autumn Leaves. Mid, Mid, NC, Jails, -14 on block. 2nd hit animation same as (d/f+4).
- d/f+3,1 now -9 from -11 on block.
- d/f+1+2,2 now -13 from -16 on block. No longer puts opponent backturned but gives standing spin animation on counter hit.
- d+2,1 Heshikirigari. Mid, High. Screws in combos. 2nd hit looks same as 2nd hit of 1SS 2,1. Available in NSS.
- d+2,2 changed from -14 to -12 on block. Changed from +5 to +7 on hit.
- d/b+3 damage changed from 10 to 8.
- b+1,d/b+3,... changed from 15f to 13f.
- b+2,1 changed property of grounded hit.
- b+2,2 now -13 on block. More pushback. Less pushback.
- b+3_4 spins do less damage to Yoshi. 5pts of health.
- u/f+1 Helmet Strike. Mid, jumping sword attack. On normal hit, opponent recovers crouching. Juggle starter on counter hit.
- u/f+2 on clean hit guarantees flash for combo. No longer guarantees flash on hit.
- u/f+3 launch height slightly changed.
- MED 3 can be followed up with bt 2 screw attack for juggle.
- Flea cancel now d/b.
- Flea step backwards available.
- FLE 1+2 launches on normal hit.
- IND 4 Knee cap from Indian Sit.
- IND 1+2 Indian Sit to Flea.
- IND u+1+2 Indian Sit to Dragonfly.
- DGF 3 on normal hit leaves opponent recovering from crouch. Now -14 from -16 on block.
- DGF 4 screws in combos and on counter hit.
- DGF 3+4 has added air throw properties.
- DGF 1+2 Dragonfly to Flea. Hits grounded.
- DGF d+3+4 Dragonfly to Indian Sit.
- DGF f+2 Dragonfly Slash. High, knockdown, screws in combos. Similar to Yoshi's flag spin in Soul Calibur.
- ff+2 more pushback and safer on block.
- ff+2:2 new notation for Sword Smash animation on hit. Can be used as combo ender.
- ff+4 can be followed with bt 2 screw for a combo.
- bb+1+2, changed to bb+1+4.
- cd+1 damage increased from 20 to 22. Changed from -15 to -17 on block. Recover 5f faster on hit. Changed property of grounded hit.
- cd+2 Flashing Steel. Mid, 14f, -14 on block, causes screw on counter hit and in combos.
- ss+1 now -9 from -12 on block.
- bt 1+4 is flash in backturn any time.
- bt d+1 changed property on counter hit.
- bt BAD 3 no longer stuns on counter hit for combo follow-up.
- wc d/f+4 has easier input along the lines of d~D/F+4.
- 1SS ws 2,1,2 and 2,1,3 are now only in NSS.
- ws 1,2 NC on hit.
- ws 1+4 Flash now available in 1SS and NSS.
- ws 3,2 juggle stater on counter hit.
- ws 4~1+2 added KIN transition.
- ws 2,1 Scowling Moon God. Mid, Mid, 15f, NC. Automatically transitions to DGF on hit or block.
- fc D/F+4 homing damage changed from 15 to 18.
- (grounded) u/f+1 ground stab limited to u+1_u/b+1.
- NSS wc D/F+3 Spinning Cleave. Knee cap from pre-T6 Yoshi and TTT2 Kuni.
- NSS cd+1 damage increased from 17 to 19. Changed from -15 to -17 on block. Recover 5f faster on hit. Changed property on grounded.
- NSS fc 1+2 flash input removed. flash input returned.
- NSS fc d/f+1,2 changed to +14 on hit.
- 2+4 floor breaks.
- qcb+1+2  floor break gives combo follow-up.

Other Notes:
- f+3+4 goes straight to flee on 1SS, knockdown on NSS.
- Unblockable attacks deal lower damage..
- u+1+2:u/b Silent Sword Stab reetained. NSS Ghost Sword range gone.
- Just frame NSS bt d+1 gone. 
- Poison Knee Taunt & Poison Sword Spin.
- All previous bound moves floor breaks.
- Healing restores health again like in T6 oppose to only red health in TTT2.
- Self-damage to activate rage.

=Changes from Fated Retribution
=Changes from Season 2

Tekken-net Tekken 7.0 Move List (English)
Tekken-net Tekken 7.0 Move List
Tekken-net Tekken 7.0 Move List pdf
Tekken Season 2 Patch notes
Tekken Season 2 Patch notes (Japanese)

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Great finds, Grey! :) 

I'm also digging out stuff. I'm so excited with the changes. A low punch would make a KreyGasm but anyway, it's good as it is :D

Where did you see DGF f+2 new move?

I'm looking for confirmation of NSS FC flash anf frames of  f+3+4 in both stances.
You know, an armor move that is very safe on block sounds super good :) 

# Tenshimitsu :
Where did you see DGF f+2 new move?
I haven't seen it yet but a couple people already mentioned it's existence. @oshalet and @RavenboyRH

1SS f+3+4 is -10. Hoping NSS f+3+4 is safer haha.

Also here are some early match vids:

Yoshimitsu vs. Claudio
Steve vs. Yoshimitsu
Yoshimitsu vs. Yoshimitsu
Yoshimitsu vs. Yoshimitsu

 Thank you, watching them right away :)

Oh, so f+3+4 is safer in NSS, it used to be -12! GOOD! :) I also wonder about NSS :D

As he doesn't have low punch, now I'm very interested in d+3, d+4 and db+4 moves.

- uf+4 looks faster
- df+1 seems to have better frames on block o_O
- low spins - the last one pushes away - no float on dizzy Yoshi! (however maybe it was caused by a wall behind opponent - check out last Yoshi vs Yoshi movie)

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Here's some more Yoshi action from Owata the Alisa/Yoshi player in Kuro Kuro's stream.
Twitch archive:
Youtube Channel:
Kuro Kuro's Stream 12/05/15 part 1
Kuro Kuro's Stream 12/05/15 part 2

I guess ch fc d/f+4, ws 2,1~DGF doesn't work as I initially thought. u/f+3+4 doesn't pick up grounded opponent either. Healing is back to it's old properties (in TTT2 you can only gain back red health).

On the bright side, NSS fc 1+2 flash is still around! Also shown is u/b+1+4 Rage Art with combo.

DGF f+2 here. It's looks the same as his unblockable flag spin in Soul Calibur. This one is mid, good range and knocksdown.

NSS f+3+4 jab punish 47:27 and 48:38. A shame but it might not be that bad considering it's a crush.

2nd hit of f+3,4 seem to work at wall if opponent doesn't tech. d/b+3's, u/f+3+4, b+1, 4 and d+2,2,1 still work after wall splat

Some sample combos:
sword sweep, f+3 S! d/f+1, 2, b+2,1~1+2 KIN f+2
sword sweep, [3,4]~u DGF 4 S!
d/f+2, f+3, d/f+1, 2, b+2,1~1+2 KIN f+2
[4,3] ufN+4, d+2,1 S! d+2,2>1
flash d/f+1, 2, d+2,1 S!

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 Thank you, Grey!


Here 2h of Yoshimitsu gameplay :)

# Tenshimitsu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTspaHmYvwA&feature=youtu.be

Here 2h of Yoshimitsu gameplay :)

Thanks, I just finished watching KuroKuro's Yoshi stream so I'll be moving on to this on. Lots of videos to check out haha

Also here's RavenboyRH channel with some Yoshi vids. Found some more move properties and he was kind enough to provide some new info on twitter.

Judging from InaTekken wiki, Yoshi's DGF 3 is now safer (-14), I think it's great :)
I wonder if there will be any more frame updates.

Hello im new and want share something like that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3lmNbbH3NI :)
I hope i will find more that and give it to us here :)

Welcome welcome :D

NOBASIN's Channel seems to be a great place to see Yoshi footage. Feel free to post your findings or anything you think has changed. 

 Knee play with yoshi, dont know did he troling or what but i want share :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIyHwnBtZ5k (start 2:57:00 & 3:54:00)

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I think Knee is just trying Yoshi out cause the character is a little more solid than previous versions. He's a great Tekken player in general but his Yoshi play is pretty basic so it's notihing special. Bug King, Owata and other Yoshi players are more interesting to watch.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbhoazMQckY i find some cool movie :> few combos pretty cool. Best is when yoshi taunt bryan <3 xD

Alright since the first location test for T7:FR is over, I've compiled some of the changes I've gathered from the videos and tweets (mostly in Japanese).

Yoshi's Rage Attack is mid, at least i14 and safe. Gives stun on hit for combo starter but if used in juggle it hits opponent away.

Rising Knee arc is changed to launch opponent a little farther away from Yoshi. It's a possible fix to the sometimes clunky hit box where you can end up behind opponent after launching.

DGF 4 gives screw attack on counter hit now.
DGF f+2 is a homing move and screw in juggle.
DGF 3+4 lowered damage.

ws 3,2 slams opponent face down in juggle.

4,4,4 gives screw on 3rd hit.
ff+2 thought to have a just input for the animation and works in juggles.


Along with others, I tried translating these myself with the Japanese I know so info can be lost in translation. There are probably more changes Japanese players didn't get to find or test yet. I'd say these are all unconfirmed unless a video shows them. I'll leave these notes here but it is likely that these changes aren't final. They could very well do more until the final version comes out in arcades or consoles.

This post was edited by Grey (2016-02-14 15:39, 4 years ago)

 Thanks for taking the time to put this up Grey, this is very helpful! I'm really excited about Yoshi's rage attack, looks really good and useful! The more I see and learn about Yoshi, the more excited I get for T7!