Manji Whirlwind

Arctic Dream
wc d/f+1, d/f+1, 2, f+1+2 (TA!) f+4~f BT 4, b+2,1~1+2 KIN f+2 (80dmg)

u/f+4 (W!) ssl+1 (W!) d+2,2,d+1 (TA!) f+4~f SET~b d+2,2,1,1+2,d/b+3,3,3,3,3,3 (98dmg)

Bountiful Sea
ssl+1+2 (W!) ssl d/f+1, 1, d+1 (TA!) [4,3]~f, BT 2,3 (W!) d+1+2 DUS 3 (85dmg)

Coastline Sunset
f+2,3 (W!) ss b+1+2 (W!) d/f+1+2 (TA!) b+1~b+3_4, u/f+3+4,b+1,u/f+3/4,d/f+1, d+2,2,1,1+2 (124dmg)

Condor Canyon
FLE 2 (rise) ws 4, 2, d+2,2~2+4 (W!) NSS d/f+3,1 (TA!) f+4~f SET~b d+2,2,1,1+2, NSS f+1+2 (BB!) d+1+2 DUS 3 (101dmg)

Dusk after the Rain
wc d/f+3, d/b+3,3,(3),3,4 (W!) b+2~1+2+3+4 (BB!) f+1+2 (TA!) f+4~f SET 1,2 (W!) u/f+3+4,b+1,4 (86dmg)

Eternal Paradise
d/b+1+2 BAD 1_2, d/f+1, 1, d+2,2,d+1 (TA!) d/f+1,3 (W!) ff+4, BT d+1+4~f (113dmg)

Extravagant Underground
NSS u/b+1+2~1 (WB!) d/f+1, d+2,2,d+1(TA!) ss d/f+1,3,f+3+4, d/f+1, 1+4 (117dmg)

Fallen Garden
u+3+4, f+4,f+4,f+4~f SET 1,2,4 (TA!) d+2,2,d+1 (dash) f+4~f SET 4 (101dmg)

Festive Parade
DUS 3 (W!) ssl f+4~f SET 1,2,4 (TA!) b+2,1~1+2 (W!) KIN 1+2,b+4~f, f+1+2 (103dmg)

Fireworks over Barcelona
u/f+3+4~d+1+2 FLE 1+2, 2, [3,4]~u (W!) DGF 4~1+2+3+4 (BB!) d+1 (TA!) f+3+4 FLE 2,b+3,4 (101dmg)

Fontana di Trevi
d/f+2, f+3+4, 1, d+1 (TA!)~f+3+4, 1,2 (Y!) wr 3 (Y!) (W!) (dash)d/f+1, d+2,2,1,1+2 (100dmg)

Hall of Judgement
d/f+2,2, ssr f+1+2 (TA!) ff+2~U, 1, f+1+2 (F!) b+2,1~5 (W!) (dash)d/f+1, d+2,2,1,1+2 (118dmg)

Heavenly Garden
d/f+2, f+3+4, f+4, f+4~f SET 1,2,4 (TA!) ff+1+2~d+1+4 (tech) f+4, f+4, f+4~f SET 1,2,4 (TA!) d+2,2,d+1, (dash) f+4~f SET 4 (135dmg)

Historic Town Square
d/f+2,2, d/f+1, d+2,2,d+1 (TA!) d/f+1,3 (W!) [3,4]~u DGF 2~5, d+2,2,1,1+2 (113dmg)

Moai Excavation
1+4, d/b+3,3,4, cd+1~1+2 (W!) KIN~f,1+2 (TA!) d+2,2,1,1+2,f+1+2 (F!) [3,4]~u (W!) DGF 4 (118dmg)

Modern Oasis
d/f+2, f+3+4, 1, b+1,1, d+1 (TA!) d+2,2~2+3 (W!) NSS u+1+2:u/b,d/f+1, d+2,2,1,1+2 (105dmg)

Moonlit Wilderness
u/b+3+4~5,d+2,2,d+1 (TA) f+4~f BT 4, d+2,2,1 (W!) d+2,2,1 (WB!) f+3+4 (114dmg)

chBT~d/b+1+2 BAD 3_4, 4, d+2,2,d+1 (TA!) ssl ff+3+4,2,4,b+2,1 (105dmg)

Odeum of Illusions
wr 3 (W!) ssr b+4 (W!) ws 1,1 (TA!) [4,3], u+4 (W!) wr 3 (95dmg)

Riverside Promenade
ws 3 d/f+1,3~5, [3,4] (W!) d/f+1+2,2 (WB!)d+1 (TA!) [4,3], f+4~f SET 4 (96dmg)

Sakura Schoolyard
b+1~1+4, iws 4, 2, f+1+2 (TA!) ssr+1+2,b+2,1~1+2 KIN f+2 (101dmg)

Snoop Dogg
u/f+3, d/f+1,3, f+3 SET 1,2,4 (TA!) d+2,2,d+1, (dash) f+4~f SET 2 (W!) wr 3 (99dmg)

Strategic Space
u/f+3, f+1+2 (TA!) b+4,3, cd+1~1+2 (W!) KIN 4~3+4 MED f+3 (F!) bt 1,3 (W!) b+2,1 (108dmg)

ssr+3+4, cc b+4 (W!) BT 1,2~1+2+3+4 (BB!) d+2,2,d+1 (TA!) d/f+1,3, f+3+4, FLE 2 (104dmg)

Tropical Rainforest
cd+1~5,f+4, f+4, f+4~f SET 1,2,4 (TA!) ssr d+2,2,d+1, (dash) f+4~f SET 2 (W!) wr2 (BB!) u/b+1+2 (107dmg)

Tulip Festival
(3),3, d/b+2, ws 1,1 (TA!) [3,4]~u DGF 4,f+4~f SET 4 (81dmg)

Warm-up Space
NSS d/f+2, f+1+2:5 (TA!) ss b+4,3,u/f,N+4, b+2,1~1+2 KIN f+2 (83dmg)

[4,3]~5,u/f,N+4, f+4~f SET 1,2,4 (TA!) d+2,2,d+1, (dash) f+4~f SET 2 (W!) (dash) d/f+1, d+2,2,1,1+2 (124dmg)

Winter Palace
(BT opponent) u/f+3, d/f+1,3, f+3 SET 1,2,4 (TA!) d+2,2,d+1, (dash) f+4~f SET 2 (W!) wr 3 (99dmg)

Possibly the first and last combo video I'll do for this team seeing as I switched over to Xiaoyu/Yoshi and not to mention Tekken 7 is coming close. Had this combo video idea for a while now and I'm glad I finally managed to do it. The idea was just going through all the stages and making a combo there (idea came from the song). I wish I could have done a better quality video but I don't have much video editing experience so I just did whatever worked. I'm sure I could have done a better job but these vids have been sitting on my hard drive for a long time so I just wanted to get them out there. I'll be playing around with more video editing and hopefully I'll have a chance to make another combo video.

If you would like to try out these combos and in need of help, let me know. enjoi ^^

This post was edited by Grey (2015-01-09 05:36, 6 years ago)

I know it's pretty damn obvoius, but awesome stuff grey.,It's wonder why you are able to be so consistant with comboes when you're able to pull stuff like this out!

I liked to see how you are very creative with the koo kicks, especially the paris stage where you switched positions and that gehosen kin stuff with Kuma was sick. Many might not like tag that much myself inclued, but it's for sure a down toning of the combo system which is very advanced =)

 Wow, awesome work Grey! You don't see many people putting this much effort into Tekken content lately, especially not Yoshimistu stuff of this calibur! Thank you for sharing!

Well, it's time to pull out my TTT2 game out of the drawer again. :)