Manji Customs

More goodies! Here's some of my current TTT2 customizations. These are mostly mix-matched base pieces with different colors. I'm not very good at decals so I haven't really made those special custom characters other people have been making. Maybe one of these days I'll find a good one that can make me spend the time in customization mode hehe 

Custom 01
Custom 02
Custom 03
Custom 04
Custom 05
Custom 06
Custom 07
Custom 08
Custom 09

 Very nice ones!

I have 3 customs, I will try to upload them this week :)

New batch of Customs! Here are mine. White one is my main.

I'm digging the solar shark costume way more than I should, and the plague doctor is pretty badass ^^ 

Whoa! Very cool designs. ^-^ ♡ Yoshimitsu is always a fun character to dress up, in both Tekken and Soul Calibur! { we have a bit too much fun trying to strip him down as much as possible to see what's underneath, hehe! silly us. ^^' }

4k Resolutions here.


Golden "Shower Head" Yoshi (lol):


I love the Art! ;)

I love the Ghostimitsu and the "Kali inspired buddhamitsu"

Here are 2 of my Yoshimitsu outfits, we got Pink Powerranger Yoshimitsu and my fav. outfit which resembles Brook from One Piece

A few more since the intial custom frenzy. More 4k resolutions.

My closest attempt at a "default" looking outfit. Combines my favorite hat with the tentacle thing:

Bring all the weapons-mitsu. (And the aformentioned hat):

A few more customs I've been trying.