Suggestions for the YOT site

Yep, the front page will look very similar to a blog site, but the backend won't be wordpress: it's not that good ;)

But we will see how it goes :)

You and I both, I also get totally nostalgic about the "good old years" Heck manjikai is properly why my writen english isn't totally buttcheeks. People make the community so we'll survive, and judging by your genunie enthusiasm, I think it's also looking a lot better by the moment. Grey has done a great job and lot's of props for that! but we more people like you around  
We gotta have more fan dieversety ^^ 

I'm a computer tard, so I'll take your word for it XD 

Re: Tenshimitsu
I understand! It's totally up to you as webmaster, after all. I just like how neat and organised WordPress sites can be. :)

Re: A.K Fan1234

I see that you are from Denmark. My great-grandfather on my Mother's side was from Denmark. Just thought that was neat. Hehehe, yeah, I'm a really enthusiastic person!  I have a lot of energy, at least in spirit, not so much physically, but I'm working on that. I was inspired to check YOT out again, after I had been reading through my old novel series about Yoshimitsu and the Manjitou {I wrote A LOT!! } and that reminded me of how I'd be on here while writing at the same time, it kept inspiration flowing~~

Hehehe, that's okay! I used to run fansites when I was a teen, taught myself some HTML coding when I was 15, and met one of my closest friends through that; she helped me with a bit of PHP too. But if you ask me now, I wouldn't remember a thing! ^^; I haven't tried websites in a looooong time. I'm really looking forward to seeing a Squid-Yoshi layout though!  He's such a pretty octopus.