Suggestions for the YOT site

You would be surprised, AK Fan ;) I'm going through many changes in my life at the moment, and this change would be one of the lesser ones.

Hmm, I'm positive about guides, but somebody would have to write them.
I might do it but only when I get some more free time (which soon will take place I think)

 Hope you get through alright

As with Kai I hope for the best for you, and besides this we aren't going anywhere soon as you might have noticed, we stick this site and I have no plans to leaving it yet. I can remember that I even looked at this place way before I had my own computer XD 

On topic though, I would like to donate some money for the site after christmas is done, since I feel kinda limited to help this site in a technical approach 

I really appreciate, but I would not be able to accept any donation.

Manjikai is quite outdated. Only after I bring it back to life, I think it will be morally right to place somewhere a "donate button" :)

I'm quite fine, thanks. Going through much stress from all directions, but still keeping up. Yoshimitsu has taught me well :P


I managed to sort many things out in private, and after 1 week of vacations, I really sit back to work :)

Do you have any other ideas as how to make Manjikai better?

 Nothing really pops up right now. I also lead a small clan, or at least I used to lead a clan for a game, I started it 5 years ago and it still has a small breath of life, with activity flickering in and out. My point is, I know what you're going through, and I've tried my best to keep it going. It all came down to the people that come and go, they all have a shared interest and they use the websites we make to keep in contact. The only way we can grow as a community is if the shared interest grows. The game that I made the clan for died years ago, so the website is just used for people to chat, the only reason it's still alive today is because those people that are in the chat became close friends. The only way for me to grow my community is to change the center of interest of the website to something else, be it another game, or console based, but then again that would be too much responsibility for me in my current state in life.

This is probably just me wanting to type my mind, maybe just to tell you no matter how bleak things look, you're not alone

 Well said my friend, well said 

I've been watching a lot of Tekken videos lately and thought maybe we can have something like a Tekken Match of the Week on the front page? Love the art we have on here but it doesn't get updated much. Would definitely make it more educational and interesting.

Also for Tekken 7, was thinking of doing something like a Manji Trials. Basically every week you're given a challenge like performing a combo or ending a round with harakiri or completing a round in NSS. Dunno what you get for completing them but it could be very fun and engaging to do :)

 Super cool ideas! I wolud try to participate regularly!

Yoshi themed achivements seems like cool idea, and having some weekly challenges is great as well.
I think would be great for expanding this small core comunity, we have gotten by now.

I'm up for the match of the week as well, it's a good idea and it would be great for motivation and inspriation.

I'll make a brainstorm and hopefully get some new ideas, that's both realistic and fun.

Once again Grey both kudos and thanks for this extra involvement with this site, It means a lot to me, specially after all these years, and all faces along with them =)

Just doing what I can. I always liked paying a visit to the site to feel enlightened and at ease just like you would a real shrine. Hope to make other feel the same :D

I know this topic is a bit older, but I was looking for somewhere to voice my concerns, so this seems to be a good place. :D

First though, I really like the posts in this thread; especially the idea of multiple themes to choose from. This one is very epic on it's own, but it's interesting to have more variety, don't you think? ^_^ I'd even like to help out if I can. I'm a bit rusty now, but I used to know html and a bit of php, which was all self-taught in my teen years. I realise fansites are in the shadow of social media, but I dream of the day that YOT has the spotlight! ^_^

Anyway, my concerns were that most things are kinda. . . broken, in areas. O_O Chat doesn't work at all - maybe add a tagboard from another server? - and browsing plus commenting is very glitchy. ;_; Not complaining, just confuzzled sometimes, is all. ^^;;

I like the idea of weekly gatherings, or heck, even monthly! As long as we're doing something. This was a great community - and still is - it just needs a bit of dusting off the cobwebs, and being breathed fresh air into! ^_^

"The legend will never die!"
- SC announcer guy talking, you gotta know he's talking about Yoshi-san! ^_~ 
. . . nodontremindmethatyoshimitsuthefirstdied D:

edit: After re-reading my post, I just realised - why not use social media to our advantage?! ^_^ Instagram is very popular with young people, and there's amazing talents on there too. With the right tags, the right people would notice a Yoshimitsu-Manjikai account, I'm sure! ^_^ And somehow we could add a side area with latest posts from Instagram too!! :D

Thank you for your post :) I want more! :P

The more interest you have, the more I'm encouraged to spend even more of my free time to upgrading YOT.

My general plans is:
- make better news section in a blog-like style (all articles within categories will appear on front page, with author / category visible )
- make YOT archives that would aggregate all the pages that don't match blog-like articles (music, movies, all the "secret" stuff)
- update YOT forums
- better user profiles
- more social media (yes, it would be nice to have, so far only facebook page and unused Twitter)
- better (more user friendly) gallery

The strategy section will be also upgraded:
- with searchable frame data, like in another of my website project:
- with a place to post links to youtube match movies that would be displayed in a form of youtube gallery
- with a place to list Tekken twitch channels with live update of their online / offline state

Also the page describing Yoshimitsu and all his info / stories about him will also be updated - with better design and a good navigation through all the content.

You're very welcome, Tenshimitsu!! :D I think you have very good plans as is. Definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with! ^_^

. . . This is embarrassing, but I'm having an absent-minded moment; I forgot what I was gonna say now. :p

The one thing I remember though, is I wanted to suggest maybe using WordPress? For the blog part. Also, that way, you could give viewers a preview of the opening paragraph in each entry to maybe further pull them in to read, if something catches their eye at first glance. Just a suggestion. :3

Ooh, I wish I could remember what I wanted to say otherwise. . . "I can't remember what I just forgot!" . . .  hmph I will edit this if it comes back to me. >o<

Let me know if I can help out with anything! ^-^ Maybe I could help on the Instragram one? We could add quotes of wisdom in the descriptions too! ^_^ I could edit the photos of Yoshi-san to have the Manjikai address on them, before uploading them and stuff. :3 And Friday could be a Fan Art Friday Feature!! :D {Joke Throwback Thursdays are coming to mind now. . . hehehe!}

edit: one thing I remembered, but maybe this is just my personal preference. ^^; Aah. . . dropdown menus like the site currently has, has always confused me, and takes me a while to figure out. Maybe navigation could be a bit easier? I'm sure you already have an idea of what to do, and it might just be me being slow, since I've just never gotten the hang of dropdown menus. u.u;; *blush*

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 The only thing that I can think of, is a having a fully functional shoutbox again and fixing of the blog section( you can't watch the full entry, even of your own stuff)  but yes keep it raining Pris   

# A.K Fan1234 :  The only thing that I can think of, is a having a fully functional shoutbox again and fixing of the blog section( you can't watch the full entry, even of your own stuff)  but yes keep it raining Pris   


I'm only happy when it rains!~
{Now I'm thinking about Rain, one of the Three Storms, from Big Trouble In Little China . . . Peter Kwong is an amazing actor too!}

I am with you on that one, too! I really miss the shoutbox, I used to chat with you guys every evening back in the good old days! I'm beginning to like this term; it grows one me: "Good old days", hehehe! :3

Anyways, this is what I had in mind when I was suggesting maybe using WordPress: — I apologise for linking to another website, but tis the only way I could show what I mean, since words fail me often. ^^; I love the community spirit on Jocelyn's site as well! I only lurk, and read her entries, but I also love reading what everybody has to say too. Maybe something like this to work with? :)