Tekken Revolution

Anyone play this? After racking up a grueling 60,000 gift points, I managed to get Kuni. I practically spent all this time practicing EWGF with Kaz. So far I managed to 14th Dan Duelist rank by spamming EWGF and hell sweep lol. Against people who actually know what they're doing, I'm getting my ass handed to me. I'm definitely no Kaz player and I'm very pleased to have Kuni now. Hopefully I'll do pretty well with her.

Anyways, not saying I don't like this game but I definitely like Tag 2 better. The mechanics are very different. I'm a very offensive player and it's definitely harder to keep poking when there are invincible moves around. It's very frustrating because I know I'm doing good but then I still get hit by those stupid things. And I'm pretty dumb cause a lot of time I don't punish it fully. I learned how to be very patient with this game and it's a real eye opener for me to get better.

Also I'm not a big fan of invincible moves but I'm pretty sure it'll stick around for TekkenXStreetFighter. I thought SFxT was a pretty good game but I'm no SF player so I just stuck to Tekken. I haven't played it thoroughly to say anything else but a lot of people in my area don't lke it and it gave Tekken a bad name. I have high hopes for TxSF though and I will be in full support when it comes out.

I tried some days ago with a buddy and for a free game and I figured that it would be worth a shot. I was kinda stuned playing against humans because the skill gap was massive as texas. At One time you would meet Lili mashers and the next would be Hwoarang players that threw out just frame spy rockets and made you whiff all your attacks, only to find kasuya players that spamed lazers afterwards  

I knew its online but that change ridiciuloous and really messed me up for first couple of matches.  

There was some that I disliked and one of them was the very limited practice mode,the seemingly abussive crush it all moves(I haven't play it much btw so yea)  ,there was a few improvements like the new backwalking animations which where pretty cool to see. I don't know how I feel about the lacking bound system, or why its removed in the first place,it doesn't feel like DR because its to slow due to its T6 speed, but its it's not really T6 without bound either thanks to the level up system and the crush everying moves, so yea it's own thing I guess  

I think will get it Tekken Revolution just because its tekken mainly and for the support. 

On a funny side note, Isn't weird how Kunimitsu is in there before Yoshi, I mean would how have thought that before in 2011 even   

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 Kuni is much easier to adapt to TK revo than Yoshi IMO... still it made me a bit worried that she's more appealing to players than Yoshi. :(

I have played some games with Lili, and then resigned. No point inplaying without Yoshi... I started playing TTT2 solo to compensate this, LOL ;)

And indeed, the skill difference is massive. 

Can't believe I'm saying this but I actually prefer Kuni than Yoshi in TR. Yoshi is definitely a more advanced character whereas Kuni is more about fundamentals. I mean TR is suppose to be like a freshmen course and Yoshi isn't exactly an easy character to pick up. Then again they added Hwoarang which is a pretty advanced character too. I would still love Yoshi to be in this game but he's not the best character to teach beginners basics.

Just a thought but I kinda wished they put the new characters in the game instead of the older characters. Instead of Jack 6, Asuka, Lili, Marshall, Xiaoyu, Devil Jin, etc. they should have put P-Jack, Jun, Sebastian, Forest, Angel, Ogre, Miharu, Alex and Tiger in the game. It would probably give the game a different feel rather than a knock off of TTT2.

I picked up Jack concidering my other characters need to be unlocked and he's always interested me and I must say that I'm having an absolute blast with Tekken Revolution. I'm atm 19th Dan: Savior - 羅将 and still trying to unlock Miguel, Kuma or Kunimitsu with 110 wins or something...

The reversals aren't really that good imo, the risk reward just isn't in it for me.
The invincible reversal moves have 4-5 frame startup or something before the actual invincible frames kick in. It's easily baitable and thus can't be mashed in tight blockstrings.
It's - a million on block so any generic fast launcher can easily punish it, or you can do your dirtiest command throw.
The damage you do as a punish is worth 5 times more than the risk of throwing one out yourself, you get good positioning, wall carry and obviously okizemi.

I enjoy the spammers, I never realised how much I got hit against 10 hit combo strings in the beginning. The player base also really improved my throw teching game, my parries and side stepping, so I welcome the 'scrubs' that come with this game. Now that I'm Savior rank, I'm getting a lot more interesting fights, a lot of people just sidestepping and backdash fishing for a launcher, but still fun.

I absolutely adore Jack's superior range, damage and great throw game, but it can be a bit annoying when I realise I don't have any good low crush or high crushing moves, though :p