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I was just wondering if there is/was any connection between the Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur and the Yoshi from Tekken. Because in comparison; they both have the same name, fighting style, and mannerisms. I know that there is a HUGE gap in the time periods in the SC series and Tekken (past and present). But maybe, just MAYBE, Yoshi(Tekken) could be a descendant of the SC-Yoshi? Post your ideas below... 

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i'll answer anyway. yes, its the same yoshimitsu in the flesh.
  • The two Yoshimitsus from Soulcalibur are ancestors of Tekken's Yoshimitsu.

 Thanks! That's really interesting. 
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Does anybody know if ttt2 will be playable on the ps4?

 From what I've heard, the PS4 will be able to STREAM PS1, PS2, and PS3 games. However, I'm not sure about the PS4 actually being able to read / play any PS3 games, (such as TTT2).

Tekken's Yoshimitsu is likely to be a descendant of one of the SC warriors both named Yoshimitsu. It's more likely he's descended from Yoshimitsu the Second, since he was Yoshimitsu the First's adoptive son. In that time period, it wasn't uncommon for samurai — I know Yoshi-san is a ninja, but he does resemble the lifestyle and honour code of a {military} samurai — to have adoptive sons to carry on their legacy, since it seems some of their lifestyles were too hard to settle down. It's just my theory, though. ^_^

But it does seem quite likely, since if a samurai had no son of his own, he brought in a younger male from another clan. Yoshimitsu the Second comes from the Fu-Ma Clan {Taki's clan}, which is why he knows Natsu who he grew up with. He also knows Leixia, who is Xianghua's daughter, because he helped her through the Fu-Ma village. On a funny side note, she's a typical silly teen girl, who daydreams about how HOT Yoshimitsu the Second is under his mask! ^^; Reminds me of Yoshi-fangirls, actually . . . Leixia also crushes on Maxi {yikes!} and the protagonist Patroklos. O_O

And if he had a daughter, Yoshimitsu the Second would be married to her, according to customs of the time period, but there's no mention of Yoshimitsu the Second having a wife, just that he's like a younger brother to Ukon and Sakon. Anyhow, this custom is like how in the early SC, Seong Mi-Na's father wanted to adopt Hwang as his own son by having Hwang married to Mi-Na. Not that Namco is great with history, but again, just going on theory here.

However, Yoshimitsu the First does seem like he was celibate. I always thought of him as something of an asexual/aromantic, on a side note. Actually I could say that of the other two, I suppose, particularly Yoshimitsu in Tekken, but I think so especially for the first one, since he had dedicated his entire life to fighting the evil of Soul Edge's influence, and most of his story mode is him and the Manjitou on voyages across the Eurasia continent in search of Soul Fragments.

By the time SCV has come around, Yoshimitsu the First was defeated in battle by the resurrected Dread Pirate, Cervantes, who infected Yoshimitsu the First with severe wounds which threatened to consume his whole body; thus, Yoshimitsu the First didn't see any alternative than to pass on his legacy, so he had his second-in-command, his adoptive son, step in for him. What I was reading in the artbook almost sounded like Yoshimitsu the First knew he was turning into a malfested, which is a terribly tragic thought. ;_;

I admit it also doesn't clarify if the Second was actually adopted by Yoshimitsu the First either. In his family section, it does refer to him as an adoptive father, but the part from Yoshimitsu the First's perspective says that he was like a father figure to Yoshimitsu the Second. Details, details. . . Sadly I've heard that the SC series isn't likely to continue at this point, so we'll never really know more than this.

I'd like to post the artbook images on here, if I can figure out how in the gallery. Can regular users do so? ^_^ I'm sure some of you guys have seen them, but I'd like to add them here, too. I noticed a lot of SC history and images are missing from the site. . . Some of the more recent Tekken too, but especially SC.

On the other hand, though, maybe none of them are related at all? There's nothing that says the legacy has to be passed down in blood, other than ritual blood. Since even Kunimitsu knows she just has to defeat Yoshimitsu to get his sword, which would make her the "new Yoshimitsu" — terrible notion, really. Thankfully it never happened. u.u;

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The two Yoshimitsus from Soulcalibur are ancestors of Tekken's Yoshimitsu."

Wow! I never knew that! I thought they just had the same name. :-o