Improvements For The Next Tekken

I've come across some videos and some long worded messages written to me from some of my xbl contacts, stating that they prefer street fighter or blaze blue or some other 2d fighting game over Tekken simply because its too difficult. I remember feeling the same way about it at first, but I've come to realise that a complex game like Tekken is difficult for the sole reason of separating sheep from wolves. In other words, someone who visits the practice mode often in order to delve depper into the game's complexity, deserves the right to win against someone who doesn't crunch the frame numbers or put in as much time and effort into the game. Tekken is an art, or better yet, its a game of art, and I'm glad it pisses off the sheep. Have you ever watched a high-level Tekken matchup? Like Knee vs Nin or my all time favorite JDCR, and the list goes on and on; when i watch them fight, its like watching a beautiful art-piece in motion; all the intricate Korean stepping, well timed sabaki's, magnificient just frame inputs, godlike timing, deception, big hearts and big guts, all make up the beautiful mental warfare happening between the players. But I honestly do think it would help alot of beginners to stay interested in the game if future Tekkens have a training mode.
In Killer Instinct Gold, there's an option where you can enter training mode; which is essentially different from practice mode. training mode in K.I.G offers newbies onscreen tutorials for which ever character they chose. It encompasses training guides from beginner to advanced for all players. This is also available in Street Fighter Ex2. It would be a good idea to employ this into Tekken. I'm still of the opinion that Tekken is rightfully difficult in order to separate wolves from sheep.
I was watching this video:
where the question was asked to JDCR; why are the koreans better at the game? So i wanna ask you guys that question as well; why do you think the Koreans and Japanese are better at fighting games and videos games in general?

They are better, since:

1. They mentality differs from western mentality
2. They have a lot of high-level competition that covers most characters/playstyles
3. They play a lot :)

But well, average high-level players from all countries are of equal skill, more or less. Not all Korean players are all-time killers. But as for the number of "best of the best" players, indeed Asia has most of them.

 Killer Instinct ;) Hope Rare Company revives and re-makes the Killer series, absolutely loved that game and it easily tops my favorite games list, I played as Jago and Fulgore

 I find it interesting that some of your friends consider Tekken to be more complex than some of the 2D fighters out there, because I feel the exact opposite! :P  I think there's something rather intuitive about Tekken's "left punch, right punch" style of fighting, as opposed to the "strong punch, weak punch" style of other fighters.  It just makes more sense to me.

Actually, I find SF to be much harder to play than Tekken! :P

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