Yoshimitsus Setups?

 can someone tell me what is a good notation/s for a good set up for yoshi?

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Setup, hmm :) There are many setups.

A setup is doing a (move/set of moves/positioning) that prepares the ground for the next move that is your target move, usually jugglestarter, unblockable, powerful move.

Some characters have programmed by Namco setups, like:

Kunimitsu: f+4~f (SET) 2 - doing a knee on block is a setup for SET 2. It double-hits with punches and counters everything else.
Yoshimitsu: SS+4~KIN 1+2 - doing a SS+4 on block that transitions into Kinchou makes 1+2 uninterruptable.

Some of non-programmed setups:

df+1~uf+3 - high crushes punches.
b+1,1 -  a setup for anything up to i14, like punches, d+4, df+4, db+2,2,2, and also evasive SS moves, like SS+4, SS+1.
FC,d/f+4, ub+1+2 - old good unblockable setup
f+1+2 (block) into SS+1 - pushback CH SS+1 setup
f+1+2 (hit), uf+1+2~d - deathcopter setup (can be defended against but people don't know how ;) )

NSS stance is one big setup for NSS flash. :) Imagination is your only limitation.

In most cases of non-programmed setups above, beware sidestep!

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 Thanks. oh and BTW I saw your name in youtube. is that you playing at WCG? man your cool. ive always want to play in WCG. but i think i still need to improve more. like 100 years more. 

Yeah, unfortunately that day wasn't my best day. ^_^ Lack of cold blood killed me. :)

As one of my friends says: I should "stay cool and flash" :P

but you still put up a great fight. 

may i ask. what do you usually use to punish your opponent?

Thank you for compliment :)

Hmm, you mean punish or whiffpunish?

For whiff punish, I use b+2,2 most often, but it depends on the range I'm actually in. I also tend to use 3~4 as a whiffpunish, and d+2,2. Also, df+2,2 when I'm sure I'm in range.

For block punish, I'm doing my best to use the most adequate punishers, launchers for -15 and more, and f,f+4 as my launcher of choice when blocking low moves that give blocking stagger (like hellsweeps).