SC section: YES or NO?

Hello :)

Do you want to have a separate section for SC Yoshi created, just as it used to be in old YOT? I can make a little shrine to SC Yoshi in the old layout, or slightly renewed, old layout.

What do you think?

Yes, it would be a good idea.
Besides, you said yourself you would get into SC3 Yoshi. :)

YES :)

Good idea! Just like the old days.

That's nice :) Kiri, do you still have a tool to do movies and screenshots from the game? :D We would need it. :)

Well.. I do have my vidcapturecard. But I can't run SC3 on that..
I use a pirate until it is released here in NL :(

good idea!

[waffles are nice!O_o]

on YouTube my thing is meleemaster14!!