Your fav SC character......

My frist and one time I played SC was some days ago. And of course I fought only Yoshimitsu xD

Favorite SC character must be Cervantes, even though I suck at him, except for some low profile and high damage moves.

Gotta love him when he shoots you. Priceless!

My top character is Yoshi, I think he's sweet in SC. My favorite scene is the apprehensive look on Yoshi before Voldo ambushes him. sc2

My second character is Taki, She's like the SC Kunimitsu.
I think She may well be Kuni because she's sometimes masked, and she's also named after a tanto knife.

Yeah I started to play more SC. Voldo is so cool. And one girl... Damn... what name? Taki? Ivy? Whatever... But I like to play Kilik too.

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they are in the process of making Soul Calibur IV and they have new charicters, the recent additions are Darth Vader and Master Yoda from star wars ..... yea i know .. kinda makes you think who will be next.

Oh yeah I want to play Yoda xD It would be awesome. Or Darth Vader xD

they are going to release yoda on the XBOX 360 and Darth Vader on the PS3, but said they will both be available through online content .... so all in all it should be awesome

There will also be some special star wars guy in the game. Don't know him...
Called "The Apprentice" Pretty cool character!

Check out the "Secret Apprentice Trailer"


The game will be very fast and full of action!
Just what we need :wink

Someone who played SC4 told me that Yoda sucks, but I still want to play.

Btw. Now I love Lizardman and his piece of meat xDD

Gattsu : There will also be some special star wars guy in the game. Don't know him...
Called "The Apprentice" Pretty cool character!

OMG the Apprentice. He is awful! Took me about 20 tries to get past him and that was more on luck than anything else. Then that Algol guy... Oh no I'm having flashbacks excuse me while I scream in horror *AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaauuuugggghhhhh!!!*. It was terrible! But Yoshi and I got through the ordeal in the end. Clever Yoshimitsu!


Oh, Favourite character? Anyone want to place bets? lol x

Me, me! I bet it´s a MAN !!!
Oh...and he has a ...hmmmm....aahh right, a SWORD !!!:D

And he has an insect on his head :O_o

Yoshi has a wooden face in SCIV, people are saying. I haven't checked it out myself.

I love Siegfried really (only his good side). Not keen on Cervantes or Nightmare cause they are soul craving looneys lol. I really love inferno. I wish you could control him. I love abyss too. They are probably the only baddies I like. Tira is ok too (at least she don't want souls all the time). Anyway I like anyone with souledge...

Oh oh! I saw that and was really confused! It looked really strange. I was all like "Ahhh, what's with the wooden face?!" My brother has a theory that Yoshi has the perfect face so he has to wear a mask to stop the girls of SC from ravishing him XD

Back to the matter at hand, Talim has been my favourite up until now though I'm kinda miffed how bad she has become in regards to outfits (OMG, see through pants and thong at her age??!!) And Raph is pretty nice to use too.

And the apprentice? I hate him! Took me about 20 minutes to defeat, no joke. I would be on the edge of victory then he would suddenly maul me and steal my hard earned victory >[

the apprentice is a charicter from the new star wars game star wars the force unleashed ... dfarth vader's secret apprentice