Your fav SC character......

VC is a bug which possibly was created because of taking out step-G.

My characters:
Yoshi :love .. great coustumes, but in SC2 coustume (2P) is better ;)
Cassandra ... hhmmm I just like her :D
Xianghua .. like Cass. She's easy to play ;)
Kilik .. about his weapon, long reach, and cool look
Setsuka .. shes fast and .. hhmmm beauty :D

thats all ..

As for now, my no 1 is Voldo. Maybe he'll be sharing 1st place with Cassandra soon:love

hmm well. my fav charactor has to be yoshimitsu!!! but tira, maxi,and the shop keepers (bonus charactors) are cool too:)

My fav Soul Edge and Soul Calibur character is Taki ninja warrior fighting whit demons. She is very fast, have nice legs (her kicks is deadly). I play Taki in all parts of SE/SC.

I think I shall revive a several month old thread.


When I played SC, I never played yoshimitsu, not once. My first favorite was lizardman, but after I unlocked cervantes there was no turning back. Awesome.

My SC faves... hehe, Yoshi and Voldo. Always the rivals. :D

Note; I only own SC2.

favorite soul cal cahr. well i would have to say Asteroth, then Misurugi, and Nightmare yet when you can beat the fastest charichters with someone like asteroth it really kills their moral :)

Cheap... All those charcters have massive weapons, it's outrageus. Can't stand nightmare, big sword and all. Well, my favourtie's gotta be Yoshimitsu, then Mitsurugi, Taki, Tira, Setsuka, Ninja - weapon: Kunai, Katana shuriken. Yeah, those are my favourites.

of course their weapons are bigger they show their strength by weilding weapons that are harder to manuver. but to use them with speed and skill counters their bulky-ness and make use of their length to slaughter all who oppose them muah ha ha. but yea the others are good too... i guess :)

I reckon they havce large weapons to compensate for a small penis. hehe.

as for asteroth he is just a golem created to serve the god of war aires so im not sure he has anything to compensate for, nightmare may because soul edge is like radiation years of contact can cause mutation and sterility lol :O_o

Nightmare,just look at him just thinking about him'll make yo piss yourself!AND hes powerful to go with it.and yoshimitsu is 2nd best

I just pick random chracters and button bash and I still beat mans up:yes

my favourites are...

1.yoshimitsu [of course]
2.raphael![my creation.]
4.manji[my creation]
7.voldo[cause he walks WRONG!]