Your fav SC character......

Can any of you post pics of your custom characters?

Hmm... not my customs, but worth posting anyway I think. These are characters from the new He-Man & the Masters of the Universe cartoon. (Personally, I hate He-Man, but Skeletor (aka. Keldor) rocks!)

By a friend of mine named SlyVenom;

Keldor: (Not very good likeness, IMO)

Evil-Lyn: (Identical!)

By Dynamo of Eternia:

Sorceress of Castle Grayskull:

Faceless One:

Orko: (Now this is hilarious!!!) :D

Hum. I would if I had a way to. Some of my custom charcters look good

Favourite Characters:


Thinking of learning Zasalamel and Kilik...

EDITED: Have a monk as a custom character, can't give a pic of it though.

I am okay with Zasalamel for I have a saint that has his weapon. I am mosty good as i stated before with Yoshimitsu in my ninja Mitsuko

I like to play Raphael Cervantes and I would like to play Voldo.

Why this game have so many bugs:/ New game and shit can happen some time,gah!

I hate when that happens. When new games have bugs in them.

I'd rather let Namco release it later than have it full of bugs :(...

I haven't noticed any bugs yet.. Well, apart from the slowdown that sometimes occurs. :con

Kiri I have recorded many bugs so I can send it to FTP and I can add link here.Do you want to see?

O. There are bugs in Soul Cailbur 3, you just got to fine them.

From what I heard is VC a bug itself?

Not so sure about that one

Nightmare is my fave character in SC3. Yoshimitsu is just weird in SC3 looks nothing like tekken and suddenly speaks english. wtf

Perodious : From what I heard is VC a bug itself?

Yes it is,moreover this cancel lets you to perform a many funny-looking throws :D and many powerfull actions too