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Welcome to the forums Decschief! We be a friendly little community. :)

grazzie /bow

I wasn't sure if I should write this here or make new topic in the introduction screen, but anyway.

I'm a new tekken player, bought tekken 6 as my first Tekken game. It's the first fighting game I feel I'm actually managing to get progress in my playing.
Yoshimitsu have always been my favorite character since Tekken 3 (I didn't play much then cause I was very young)
but I got myself soul calibur 2 a few years later and found out Yoshi was there. So i used him almost all the time, I never really played seriously.
But now I have really "fallen in love" with Yoshi and playing him in Tekken 6 and really looking into improving my gameplay. Finding this Yoshi fan site made me happy, and hopefully everyone can help each other improving each others gameplay :)

Ya, you're supposed to make a new topic. But anyway, Welcome to the team!!! :D

Yey! Thanks!!! :D

Should I make a new topic then? :P or?

well why not if you feel like it ofcause anyways wellcome XD

I'm not much of a player, or a Tekken historian, but I defintely am Yoshimitsu-obsessed. I plan to contribute all I can to this community and I am becoming more and more active, Tekken and forum-wise. From what a few members on this site have told me, I've progressed quite a bit since joining this community, and I definitely made some new buddies. I hope to qualify to further my Tekken fighting knowledge, but if not, I can always try again and even harder :P

Of course, Deguzzi. Welcome among YOT members :)

congratulations Deguzzi ^^

OH... YES! Thanks, Boss!

Levels Tiers Money doesnt Matter..........I am a True MANJI.........;)

Well if you wanna see some hidden stuff on this site, it actually does XD

I think he already deserves this :)

well you are the boss

Did I get Promoted :D ......... Thanks Tenshimitsu...

I would definetly help my fellow ninja :)

I am starting a Video section for newbies....... Here we goooo