Yoshi lover says 'hi'

Hi there Yoshi fans. I found this forum a few weeks ago and finally found the time to join. I thought I was the only Yoshi fan but I guess not. Hope I can make lots of new friends here.

Welcome to the team Manjimitsu! :D I'm sure you'll make plenty a friends here, we're a friendly lot. :)

Welcome I hope you will find yourself at home, I´m sure you will find friends if you enough patience

Aww, bless... I'll be your friend. Get your self on the boards and get posting. You'll be one of the clan in no time. Besides, it's about time this forum saw a bit more action.


Hey, welcome Manjimitsu!

Good evening, and welcome aboard H(er).M(ajestic).S(ite). ManjiKai, Manjimitsu. Please make sure your time spent here is enjoyable and don't forget to have fun! Kick back and enjoy your stay. :)

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

(But plain "Koga" will do)

Thank you all for the nice welcomes. Everyone seems very kind. I think I will be happy here. <3

welcome to the community ^^