Hello to all yoshimitsu fan =)

I've been a fan of Yoshimitsu since Tekken 3. I fell in love immediately when saw his sword, vacuum dance and his old right side throw, "Clonimitsu".

After a long exile from PlayStation One, I discovered Tekken 5 and my craze for this saga became stronger than in the past. I used, besides Yoshimitsu, Lee, Mishima's Family and King. After long training with Yoshi and discussion in Forums to learn the technical aspect of this game, I partecipated in a little italian tournament of T5DR near my city, but without positive result XD

At this moment, I've got PS3 with Tekken 6 and I'm trying to become a good player of Yoshimitsu. Now I use also Lee, Armor King and Jin, Devil Jin, Kazuya but only for fun ^^

I'm very happy to see that there is a community on Yoshimitsu, this character has grow me up, I love him.

Sorry for my bad English, now I'm using a Dictionary and a translator, I hope You will understand this message ^^


Welcome to YOT CristalSword. :) I discovered Yoshi From Tekken 1 at an arcade.. Then I later rediscovered and fell in love with him in Tekken 5. Also, his Tekken 3 Clonimitsu is one of my most favourite moves.. I miss it..I really like the way he helps his clone up off the ground to guide back to the body. :)

Happy New Year! See you around. :D

Welcome to YOT CristalSword :D

Welcome CristalSword! I have also grown up with Yoshi, and what a long strange trip it's been!!!

Hey, welcome to YOT.. Hope you enjoy it here.