Happy New Year Yoshi Fans!!!

Okay I'm a little early but I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year. 2010 will be he year of the tiger in Japan (and elsewhere in East Asia of course). This is said to be a year for finding courage and strength and also for suprises.

New year is a huge festival in Japan. The most important time of year. The Japanese don't generally celebrate Christmas but the new year celebrations more than make up for that. They'll give one another gifts featuring the animal of that year so the shops will currently be filled with tigers in Japan!! I couldn't find many tigers in the uk this year (last year was the ox, which is the same kanji as cow, so all my friends got a cow keyring!! lol), it's always hard because each year the large population of Chinese buys everything featuring the year's animal, but I found some tiger greetings cards at least. Guess AKfan is already sorted then, bet he has plenty of tigery luck this year!! hehehe

So have a great year everyone!!



Happy New Year to all my friends here!!! Year of the Tiger!!! Grrr...

happy new year everyone ^^

Happy New Year Yotians! I hope the new year brings you health, wealth, happiness and most of all lots of fun and laughter! :)

Happy New Years to all Manji clan members ^_^

May the spirits of heaven forever rest along side of you all and guide you along your righteous ways :)

*send you all virtual hugs*


hope that everyone'll growl like a tiger (just like what Matt did :D) uhhh, not that, literally, coz, haha! maybeeee, be tough and courageous like a tiger this year ^__^ :D

wish that everyone'll be lucky this year :yes

once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and YOT!!! :yes