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I confess to loving goofiness. ^_^

I love both Yoshimitsu of either games - he's just that awesome. :D

I appreciate Yoshimitsu for his peaceful good nature, but also his ability to be a total badass and cut your throat if you commit injustice

Now, I'm wondering... has Yoshimitsu ever officially killed anybody in the games? :O

omg wait what? matt you have a 360 and SC4 and you didnt add me on Xbox live yet? shame on yah XD

I would have but don't have DSL yet. The company says i live in a remote area and they cant bring service out here so I am waiting to find other solutions. When I do I would love to play online though.

oh kk cool ill be waiting

Anyone else feeling hyper today?? I feel as though I have drank 3 cups of strong green tea... Oh my... I HAVE drank 3 cups of strong green tea.. WOOOOOT...

Lets bounce around for a bit...


Okay... now last one to the kettle smells like Bryan's underpants....

Oh my....I can only imagine how a zombie's underpants would smell!! I have never had hot green tea, here they commonly sell it cold .

Mmm... I'm going to guess I'd be the last one there, because... umm... all kinds of tea make me sick. :X

Weird, right? I thought it was the sugar, because sugar gets on my nerves, but I think there's just something about tea and my system that don't agree anymore. u.u;;

What?? Even herbal teas??? I don't think I could live without camomile before bed, or peppermint and ginger when I feel sick, or fennel when I want to lose weight. My tea drawer is more precious than my medicine chest... lol But yeah, if tea disagrees with you, then this green stuff would be no good because it's like rocket fuel. And I NEVER put sugar in tea... that's just disrespectful to it's awesomeness. Oh wait.. unless we're talking traditional English black tea with milk.. then I'll put sweetner in it.

Oh glorious tea... how I love you...

Oh and Matt, in the UK it is usually served hot but in Japan it typically comes cold in the summer and hot in the winter unless requested otherwise... though sadly that tends to also go for coffee, latte, milk tea... etc... but you get used to cold coffee after a while...

I love cold coffee!! Actually that's the only way I will drink it, all dressed up with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! They serve hot milk in Japan??? Weird! I know some people drink warm milk at night before bed, but to me, even that is just a little too strange. It's like warming the milk makes it taste different to me. I dunno, maybe I'm just crazy. I don't drink much tea either, guess I'm just more of a fruit flavored beverage person.

Well I hope you'll remember to put milk in Sumsamurai's tea when you meet. To most of us Brits, black tea that isn't hot, slightly sweetened and with a dash of milk, is just weird!! Hehehehe... I love the cultural exchange that occures on this forum. So cool!!!

Did anyone hear about the new PSP?? It's very strange, the screen slides up and the buttons are underneath. Also, it won't take UMD anymore, all the games and media will be downloadable....I think this is a silly idea. I have a PSP and am not interested in downloading games I have already purchased. They also mentioned how the cartridges will be phased out in the next couple years.

OMG That totally sucks!!!! How will I be able to show my impressive collection of games??? Also... Should I get tired of a particular game.. How could I sell it???

Grrr... Sony.. That's not revolutionising games! It's devious money making in it's purest form! 1) people will be always forced to pay the highest price for games.. 2) There's no way of getting money back by reselling 3) The Shops that sell games will go out of business contributing to some more unemployment...

I bloody hope they'll put their game title prices down... After all, there will be no cost to them with the expense of CD's, printing titles and CD Boxes and so on... Further more.. In addition to that they are saving $$$$$$$ of money without the use of these and prodution factories... grrrrr..

Nicely put, I think it's a mistake to take such a different direction with an already established system!

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