T5 DR Online, Yoshi?

Hi there, write this topic to know Yoshi player online:dozingoff
if there was this topic, delete this...

so, i think that DR online is not Tekken, but sometimes i play some rounds by Yoshi...

Play online is very hard, there is too lag, but do you play with me?

Amazingly, there doesn't appear to be a similar topic!

Well.... I AM a Yoshi player but I'd use that term lightly, I mean, I am new to Yoshi, to tekken, to fighting games and to just about everything else too. But if you dont mind playing noobs then sure, I'll play. Can't be tonight though as I have plans involving pool and beer so even if I got on-line late I'd be button-bashing and seeing four Yoshi's on the screen (not good at all).

Oh anyway, my name on DR is Jembru. My name on EVERYTHING is Jembru simply because it was the user name my college gave me when I was 16 and I'm afraid of change! lol


ok, so, i will play with you!
ma ps3 name is TK-Brother:D i will insert u in my ps3-list nice to meet u!

In my opinion T5DR is useless in terms of online play.Your idea is good man,but you should save it for Tekken 6:)

I know, but are u sure that in T6 there is server?
I think also that in online there are many strong players, but many of this dont use their real nick.....:|

the online play is super laggy. It's hard to time the moves right and we even tried playing against locals.

Hope Tekken 6 would be way smoother.

In the US, the connection is pretty good. We generally don't get much lag (as in, <2 frames) against players who are of 5 hours driving distance when both side have good connection speed. I am even able to play some UKers w/ decent connection (~4 frame lag) in Euro DRO.

I would say that Yoshi did not get hurt much as far as online etiquette goes. However, he does suffer w/ bad connection. Nevertheless, he's definitely playable, for he is my main in DRO.

My psn:


Massachusetts (east coast), US

If you live in the west side of Europe, I believe our game shouldn't lag that bad. :)