What about Kunimitsu?

What do you think about her? Is she right for our Yoshi? :D :love
Write everything you think about her :)

Not in a romantic way, since they pretty much hate each other. She was still definitely an awesome character/rival for Yoshimitsu and I really hope she'll be back in Tekken 6.

I think if kuni went out with our yoshi, it will be for power, not love.

I've no problem in seeing them as a romantic couple. There was a theory at some point that Kunimitsu going megalomaniac had something to do with Devil tampering with her mind (didn't she cooperate with Kazuya at some point, or have I imagined it all?). So if Yoshi kills Jin/Devil in Tekken 6 (which would be, if you want my opinion, a real refreshing wind in the dusty and moldy Kazama/Mishima world of Tekken), Kuni might return to her old self.

It would be nice to know, however, how Yoshi would ever manage to tame Kuni's rather fiery temperament... :dontgetit

I know they hate each other, but there's something......
In some way, Yoshi's easygoing person, but there are problems ( like Kuni or Bryan ) :D
Ok, Bryan is a nuisance :(( , but Kuni, i think she's not boring for Yoshi :blush

Kogamitsu : It would be nice to know, however, how Yoshi would ever manage to tame Kuni's rather fiery temperament... :dontgetit

simple Yoshi's nicest charms, yoshi's good and clam temper can manger Kuni's bad temper any day of the week.

and Bryan is not a nuesence he just likes being his old good fury self.

ok Fastlegs, however you say :wink

I liked their rivalry a lot more than I liked Yoshimitsu and Bryan?s. First, there was always that opportunity of a romantic outcome. But still, they?d be entertaining to watch these days since they are pretty much character foils of one another. He?s an honorable person while she?s overly proud, he steals for the poor while she steals for herself, he?s humble while she?s egotistical, he uses his left hand to hold his weapon while she uses her right, and then there is the obvious gender differences.

Personally, I always saw them as rivals more than bitter enemies like Yoshi and Fury. Both of them have their own agendas and they are simply in one another?s way of completing those goals.

I think she's too good for him, but that's because she's my favourite and he degraded her. Good for him, but uncool if you look at it from her shoes. :p

On a serious note, no. They just don't clash well....

I don't think either of them are too good for one another. Neither one was truly good or evil in my opinion. They just had different goals which clashed with each other. Sure Kuni wanted to steal Yoshi's sword, but she wanted it to please her dieing grandfather. Her main fault is greed, wanting to keep things for herself. I doubt she'd ever do something as unforgivable as Bryan did.

The main problem with a romance is they are both too proud. They'd never admit any feels for each other.

I still Think Kuni is evil.

ok you resort to stealing to please your Grandfather, but you don't think about others and the consercuinces from your actions.

which is selfish and in my opoion Evil,

Kuni should just have asked Yoshi nicly to borrow that sword.:)

I doubt they have a chance of being an item,let alone allies

kuni x yoshi for evaa! they have Love-Hate romance 8D

tinski : kuni x yoshi for evaa! they have Love-Hate romance 8D

I love Kuni. She looks like an ANBU from Naruto xD

I'm hoping she'll back as well. Even though I've only played Tekken 3 & up, I have a feeling that I would like her contribution to the story, from what I've heard. She seems like an intersting character, and I would be cool to learn more about her motives...
and I'm all for a possible romance with Yoshimitsu! XD