~*~ yTS Community Thread ~*~

Hello everyone. :D I am Aozame32 and, as you may know, I'm new here. However, I've been a Yoshimitsu fangirl for a long, long time, so hopefully I'll fit right in. :D

Anyway, I thought this forum could use a community thread. If you want to say "hi" and "how are you" to other forum members without making a whole new thread, you can post it here. :D That way, we can have small discussion about everyday things.

I'll start off with saying hello. How are you all doing? :D

EDIT: Wow, it's been a whole day and no one has posted...

EDIT: Again, no one has posted here yet... Hi again, anyway.

EDIT: Wow, another no show. Where is everyone? In the Off Topic section? That's confusing. Why is there a General Discussion if there's and Off Topic section?

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cheers ! :d hehe :D

LOL, yme :)

Well, Aozame, I was on vacations lastly (again) :) Literally being busy whole days. Anyway, I think in two days I'll be back to work, crating new yTS theme. Just... I'm looking for inspirations. Do you have anything you'd like to see on hard-croe Yoshimitsu fansite? :)

Ahhh... it's finally over. :)

The performance of Romeo & Juliet, that is. I was in the role of Capulet's servant named Gregorius, and if the prologue is excluded, I had the first lines of the whole play. I wasn't in many scenes, though. I was in three fight scenes and in one dance scene, so I might say I had a very physically demanding role. :p

But now it's over. Now I may concentrate on the Blood Ring again. :yes

Ha, looks like someone got a little annoyed with the lack of posting. I'm understanding this forum by looking at it.

Of course, once you join, it's your responsibility to keep a forum alive as well. This place has earned a place in my bookmarks and at least a daily check. I'll try to breathe some life into this place.

Yo there, mates. :) Have you seen this?:


Very entertaining! And reminds me of the fact that many Tekken moves are taken from the real life! But probably not the Yoshi's ones... ^^""""

Oh wow! Hey everyone! :D How are you all doing?

And as soon as we see you're back, everyone runs away.

Run, run, but you can't hide.... MWA-HA-HA-HA!!! :D

Hi Guyz...I have seen some of ur combos on Video but i miss lot of them..cos i am a newbie.. can any one give me a list of Combos/jugglers.. where to find some..i can do few and try to create something new .. so can any one plezzzzzz