The blood ring comics

Those in the Blood Ring folder. Called "Computer problems" and "A BUG!!!!!" :D

OKI, the bug was hilarious :) (and wel-drawn Yoshi!) But I pretty don't understand computer problems... maybe because I have never watched tele tubbies? ^^

There's not much joke in the Teletubby thing. Bryan was searching for his escape route maps and it seems that "the guys" he mentioned had overwritten his files with a Teletubby-episode.

The reason I chose the Teletubbies is because 1) I hate Teletubbies and 2) Since the program is made for toddlers, one might come to think that Bryan is afraid of everything happy, bright and sunny. :D

Oy! This comic is great! more, I say!

Pages 99 - 103 up.

Very nice.... but... too much aspirin would kill Yoshi. ^^ If he was a human (I suppose he is? :) ). It influences the pressure quite hardly. It is also used as a medical for cardiovascular diseases... to help the blood flow well.

Tenshimitsu : Very nice.... but... too much aspirin would kill Yoshi. ^^ If he was a human (I suppose he is? :) ).
I trust the guy knows his limits... ^^"
The migraine thing wasn't originally on the script, you know... but I was diagnosed with a migraine a few weeks ago, and it really got me depressed. I felt I had to channel my grief into something... and I chose poor Yoshimitsu to share my migraine with me. :)

Whoah. :) I see Yoshi is getting more and more handsome in your hands, Koga ^^ (baby, baby... :P). I especially liked Yoshi as he closed his eyes.

Can't wait for next pages! I'm very curious how they take care of the video tape beast... :)

Haha, you know what? I had a feeling you'd like that panel. :)

I browsed through the first dozen of pages of the Blood Ring, and I think my drawing skills have somewhat improved. Of course, the beginning was sort of difficuly; I had never drawn Bryan nor Yoshimitsu, so I had to seek a little my style and what was I going to make them look like.

I'm glad you like Yoshi's appearance. I really am! Many are not fond of the idea I draw him without a mask. :p

Yup, I like your vision of Yoshi :) I'm curious about brighter areas of hair on his head: aren't they grey? (in the meaning: Yoshi being quite old? ^^)

In my vision, Yoshi has red, long hair and kinda silver eyes... maybe someday I'll scan my scetches... :)

Yup, your drawin skills improved greatly. You have your own syle and you're very good at drawing various face expressions. I noticed you have some problems with nose? :) yep... it's quite difficult to draw in various poses...

Yeah, Yoshi's hair has begun to get gray at some points. :D I think that the mechanization slows down his aging massively, but I don't think it will affect his hair color. Besides, I thought it would give a nice touch to add gray instead of blank black.

The way I sketched it, Yoshi's eyes may have had different color originally. I imagined that the sword could kind of 'loan' its color to its carrier.

ARGH! Noses are a pain to draw. :(

Pages 109 - 114 uploaded.

Waaaa... why do you end the pages in such moments! :) I want to see more!!!

This wingy character looks similar to Yoshi... that purple suit: is it based on Yoshi's soul calibur 3 looks? ^^

pages 115-117 uploaded :yes

Nice! Still wondering about the ghost Yoshimitsu... he was there and Yoshi doesn't know anything about a bruise? But I think I'm impatient and everything will be cleared out. :)

Ouch... I imagine "pointing" the bruise wasn't nice...

'Poking' actually. :)

Ah, but maybe Yoshimitsu knew of the bruise, maybe he just wanted to hear what Bryan had to say about it... :D

Then again, maybe not.