I have returned. Long days filled with nothingness...Enlighten me, fellow clan members, on the workings of the board!

Btw, wicked sweet new avatar, Bigchief.

Well, Yoshimitsu deserves loyal Manji clan members, he lost many due to Bryan's "thanks"...

You can post here fan arts, or write fan fiction... anything you like!

On my side, I'm more concerned with the gameplay itself. I organize a tournament in Poland on 3rd June this year... even AC Ling is said to come! (best Ling in Europe...) Gonna look for the sponsors... the prize must be high :)

Oh, Tenshi, by the way, I 've been wanting to ask you... Is there a section dedicated to the history and origins of the Manji and Yoshimitsu, as well as Tekken/SC historical continuity? I feel that this is an interesting, yet underdiscussed subject.

Well, never had time to start my work on it... Also, although I have SC3, I won't play it, fearing the memory card data loss (maybe you heard about this famous data corrupting bug?)

I'll probably start a massive work these vacations since now I literally have no time. This June will be HOT (exams, work, moving from place to place... I'm searching for accomodation in Poznan for the upcoming year)


I've been planning on getting my paws on SC3, perhaps I could be of some assistance?

That would be awesome, Koga :) Kirimitsu already lent me a helping hand, but still it's not enough to open a section. I need info (written in notepad) and screenshots...