Did you see Kunimitsu is coming back in Tekken 7? :D

"Bandai Namco has seemingly pushed a Tekken 7 Season 4 trailer early, and revealed Kunimitsu as a DLC character in the process.The video was published to Bandai Namco Brazil's YouTube channel before being taken down soon after, but of course the internet noticed."


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Official video update from Tekken channel with Kuni and other infos. :3

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So a video clip with subtitles I saw on Twitter reveals this is actually Kunimitsu's daughter? :O

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Yea! I'm super glad she's back, even though they kinda fouled me with the red hair in start (not at all)  It's totally surprising how it's different kunimitsu, no one would ever have expected a newer replacement, from the tekken series  :P 

 She's the first dlc character with some actual lore behind her, which is brillant and helps them sell Kunimitsu 2.0. I'm glad they did that,  Kunimitsu has some legacy, it's not just something you dismis and don't brother reconising. There would simply be to many questions =) So i'm glad they dove a little into it. Nice done Namco 

She looks suprising adorable unmasked, a little to waifu for my taste, they shouldn't have done a face reveal in my book, they already mentoned she wasn't the one we knew. I did enjoy kuni for her mostly non "cutesyness" but luckly she has a cool mask ;) I'm sure she'll grow on me over time, heck she already has ;).

Her new design looks brillant, the costume is super cool, it has lot's nice details without it being destrating.  Understated colouring, very stealthy, lot of kunais and the twin tails I dig. For sure my favorite female design of the game, just like her mother ;)  10/10 
It's by far the dlc character, i've been the the most exicted for, since Armor King.

She'll perhaps have some new Cladio style starburst in terms of new gameplay mechanics. Can't wait to play her =0


Yoshimitsu's probably think, u have a daughter?! Jokes!!

But definitely a cool reveal, classic Yoshi to stylishly lose his swords. Can't wait to try her out and maybe replace Master Raven as my 2nd!

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Yoshimitsu's probably thinking, I have a daughter?!