HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANJIKAI + Anniversary Stream Announcement. :)


While I haven't been here for all that time, and haven't been very active in the four years I've been a member, you are indeed very special to me. This is a lovely community of lovely people united by our love of Yoshimitsu & Tekken in general. I am so glad I found this place and even happier still to be able to devote more time to writing here and playing Tekken as well.

In less than 12 hours time, (12PM BST, 1PM CET) I will be going live on my Twitch Channel at http://twitch.tv/portessa to play and stream the PS4 version of Tekken 7 with some friends (who all play that version). It should be noted that typing !manjikai in my Twitch Channel Chat will link anyone to this site upon use, and I hope that will draw more people here in time.

For anyone who sees this late though, or for those who play Tekken on PC or Xbox One instead, I'd like to assure you I want to include you in my Tekken streams as well. I own Tekken 7 on every platform and stream it every Saturday - if you ever want to join in game simply get in touch with me and tell me your platform of choice and I will do my best to get back to you and make it happen as soon as possible.

While I don't have a big following, or much skill at this game that I love, I hope that the anniversary stream I'm doing for Manjikai today will be fun for everyone involved, including for viewers who watch it live or on-demand in the future.

Special thanks to Tenshimitsu for creating this wonderful place and being a good friend to us all.

Here's to the next 19 years of Manjikai!

Kindest Regards & Birthday Wishes,

Andrew Portess

Added 18 hours later:

My stream for Manjikai's 19th Anniversary has now come to an end but was an absolute blast! Very special thanks to those who played and came by! The entire VOD is here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/713144390 though be warned it does eventually include some swears (sorry).

We even had a lobby of 5 players 4 Hours and 17 Minutes into the stream, which you can fast-forward to with this link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/713144390?t=04h16m53s

I truly hope that streams like the one I had today is just the start, and that by the time the 20th Anniversary of Manjikai comes around I will be able to host an even bigger celebration of this great community for this great community. I certainly look forward to playing even more Tekken with anyone else who would like to take part. I have absolutely loved today and none of it would of happened had I not found this great site 4 years ago.

Thank you Manjikai & Happy Birthday,

Andrew Portess

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Thanks a lot Andrew. Happy birthay to all of us! :D Let's keep on rocking till we meet next year for the greatest party :D

Happy birthday, Manjikai! It's been a long time. You're all great people!

Better late than never i hope...
I'm glad you were willing to celebrate this place and all it's yoshiness, It was fun to be apart of stream, talking with you and your friends. The dumb jokes and glichy ballons.  Hopefully I represented yoshi somewhat that day. (even though I played much AK that day)

But most of all, thanks for breathing some life into this place once again ^^ (and sorry for swearing like a sailer derp)

Thank you all for your lovely responses. It was an honour & pleasure to do the anniversary stream, but I consider it just the beginning. As I have said before, I hope to be more active on this site, spreading the word of its existence and of course keep playing Tekken with you all. Manjikai was what connected us, and none of us would be here without Tenshimitsu creating this site 19 years ago.

Thank you Tenshi, thank you all.

Perhaps all four of us could arrange to play in a lobby sometime? And if any other members are reading this, let us know if you'd like to play too. I understand and respect the fact that we all have busy lives, I have specific times of the day in which I am unable to play, but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

I have made such dear friends here, and I hope that as I continue on my own path of streaming & playing Tekken, I will make many more friends in the future.

Kindest Regards,


That's really great to here! I know I've been needing to be more active on this site, and I'm hoping to spend a lot more time here, helping to improve the site activity and general sense of community.