Wall Stun, Splat, Floor Break and Combo Guide

============== WORK IN PROGRESS =============

This guide intends to expand on Grey's Wall Combo guide by listing all wall stun, splats, floor breaks and combo opportunities that are unique to the wall/floor.

Grey's Guide can be found here:

First, I will explain the difference between a wall stun and a wall splat.

(GIFs here showing stun and splat animations).

Wall STUNs are superior to SPLATs because they give you time to re-SPLAT the opponent on the wall for extra damage. They also allow you to sidestep/walk and peel them off the wall for a potential full combo (including a screw attack).

It's safe to assume that if a move wall STUNs, it will wall SPLAT instead if the opponent too far from the wall. Exceptions are marked with a !.
It's also safe to assume that if a move wall STUNs, it will break Balconies and breakable walls as well. This is true for ALL wall STUN attacks.

Legend for this guide:
W! = Wall Stun
WB!  = Wall Break
BB! = Balcony Break
WS! = Wall Splat
> = Delay button input
( ) = Only the hit outside parantheses matter
! = Exception

Wall STUN Moves:
Opponent is stunned and falls forward face down):

Wall SPLAT(WS!) Moves:
(Opponent is launched against the wall and crumples to the floor)

High wall SPLAT Moves
(Opponent launched extra high for potentially more damage)

Non-Splat/Stun Launchers at wall:
Floor Break Moves
(Used during combos)

Same as above, but also works on OTG:

Floor Break Throws:

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